Kevin Journal 7

I’m writing this during a short break we have. I’ve only had 4 hours’ sleep this night, and it’s catching up with me, but there’s so much we have to get done if we’re to have a chance.

What’s to say about these creatures? The zombies kept attacking, like mindless robots. Thanks to Grim Walker’s experience, we set up a gauntlet they had to pass before they could hurt any of us, and even though several of us got bruised, we killed all that came. 30? 35? I think that means our little group here is up to 40. That’s a whole 1% of the potential victims. But at least it cleared out the engine deck enough to let us get the power back on. This has been a very long day, but we’re still going strong. I’m just glad I’m not home – Mom, you’d make me shower and burn all my clothes.

And then the jamming effect, whatever it was, lifted enough for us to learn the hell has only started. Andrea might be dead; that crazy security guy who wanted to shoot all the sick and injured got let free and has done just that. We joined with a group of teenagers who’d taken refuge on the bridge — after the number of these zombies they’ve had to fight, I’ll be glad of them at my back any time. Until they get bit, of course.

Sorry, that last paragraph is crazy. Lots of things were mixed in, and with all this running around, I’m tired. Apparently, the events on this ship are some kind of crazy version of the Tuskeegee experiment. Only instead of infecting black soldiers with Syphilis, they’ve spread zombie germs all over. We’ve got more cliches than a Hollywood movie here: there’s a bunch of ‘men in black’ with a government helicopter who are taking passengers hostage and shooting them if they complain, while demanding blood samples from some of the uninfected. There’re zombies all over the place, like a pack of rabid wolves. We’ve had a vehicle crash (though, thankfully, no explosion!), plucky cheerleaders who turn out to be the key to various problems, and what I hope is unintended consequences of the plague (smart zombies!?) making everything more world-risking crazy. Anyway, those men in black have proven they’ll kill anybody, and shown no possibility of helping any of us. So I’m afraid that our second goal will probably be to kill them — wherever we aren’t prevented by even greater risk of being eaten or turning into a zombie. Getting zombies and stupid agents out of the way are at least the most /obvious/ things blocking our chance of surviving.

And, of course, we need to gather enough of a force to clear the ship without losing too many of us (I’d say /any/, but we know how that kind of thing goes) to these cannibal things. Oh, and we should probably do that before we starve to death: I’m not sure I’d trust the ship’s food just now. Not with these men in black having had free run with their junior scientist kits.

Anybody know how to fly a helicopter?

I wish I could hear your advice here. We’ve got government agents who are killing people simply for getting in their way. They /might/ have killed Andrea – what I’ve heard from these kids is second hand, at best – but they sound like every paranoiac’s nightmare of what an uncontrolled government might do. As best I can tell, if they don’t /like/ me, they’re going to shoot me – and they’ve already released the one crew member who’s most likely to be willing to use his authority to have me shot. Is killing them the only way? I think it is: I’m just a carpenter, and they’re trained terrorists who are likely to target me and Andrea. As well as these other people who are doing their best to survive. Supporting what they’re doing is wrong – and I think this may be a case of New Hampshire’s state motto being applicable, especially since those who don’t help them get killed. But, well, I’m a little close to the problem here. Would you do the same?

It’s hard to say it’ll work out, Mom & Dad, but we haven’t given up yet. If you get this, you’ll know we made it, anyway, even if I can’t keep up this letter writing.

I had to add this in: there’s some good news. The government guys were not completely heartless. They killed several people, but Andrea’s alive, and so are a lot of the survivors that we’d been protecting. Unfortunately, at least two of the agents aren’t. I didn’t see what happened — they had been throwing grenades at us, and I’m only unhurt because I wore riot armor — but I think someone may have thought they were zombies. I do know that the agents seem to have experience using these zombies, tactically.

I don’t have much time to add to this, however. The agents are getting ready to escape in their helicopter, abandoning all of us. Several of us suspect they’ll shoot down our ship as soon as they get far enough away, so we need to do something, and fast. And we desperately need to find if there’s a cure or at least a vaccine against this plague they’ve let loose on board. I could go into the logic, on my side, at least, but it’s really either they stay and help or they leave kill us. I don’t see any way a government agency could do otherwise, and we /have/ gotten a President who was willing to say that, yes, he’d do exactly that if the need was great enough. Trusting them to ‘help’ us has already been shown to be a stupid idea.

And, after discussing things for far too long, we’re either going to get shot down or not – there’s no time to escape before they could do it, assuming they have the time to do so. People keep assuring me there’s no way they could control the navy to get them to do this, but an accredited government agency should have no trouble telling them ‘this is a plague ship. Any who escape will bring a highly contagious plague that will sweep across the country unless they’re incinerated – all of them, including any on life boats.’ About the only reason I can imagine for them not doing so is if the zombie plague is already running all over the US.

It might be, by the way. One of the High School teachers told us a crazy story about a zombie gene that gets activated by exposure to heavy water — and the water from the comet is likely to have had enough to get half the US population. The only ‘good’ news is that it won’t zombie you immediately. It will only do so if you die. If that lunacy is even half right, anybody who dies is going to want to be cremated – before they’re fully dead. None of that nonsense about reviving people who drown or have heart attacks.

That sounds bitter. But here I am building boar spears as fast as I can and training a bunch of high schoolers to do the same instead of making something that improves the world. I’ll have to find a way to do /something/ beyond making fortresses and weapons, if we survive.

—Kevin, and sorry I’m so down. There are some great people on this ship, and I hate the thought of them being ‘collateral damage’.

Andrea here. Kevin doesn’t really seem to realize what he’s done, but he’s saved my life, and he’s also been providing an example that some of the kids think is worth following. He may be a bit angry, but he’s trying to make something that can give them a chance. It makes me think my ambitions may have been shallow. As my ankle allows, I’m going to try to emulate him. Kevin’s parents, you should be proud of your son.

Kevin Journal 7

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