Kevin Journal 8

This was another hellish day in Paradise. I’m sure it’s thanks to those government agents. ‘VOPA’ they called themselves. I was sure they’d blow up the ship: look at what they’d done. They’d murdered civilians, kidnapped and imprisoned most of the survivors of a plague that would cause widespread panic if it got out, and attempted to kidnap a young girl because they hoped she’d have some special chemical in her blood, and then deliberately tried to make things worse. Should that kind of message get out to the media, there’d be hell to pay.

And they didn’t. That means that either they don’t care, or they don’t have the resources — and why on earth would anybody mount such an expedition if they couldn’t cover it up? They’d do it silently. So I’m afraid that means that you, Mom and Dad, are probably dealing with the same kind of thing.

In fact, the morning after my last message, we learned that this was probably true of most of the Northern hemisphere. Still: you’re smart, you’ve lived on your own for a while. I’m going to assume you’ve made it until I hear otherwise.

We heard all kinds of stuff about what caused this plague. It sounds ridiculous on the surface – but the world’s been ravaged by zombies, apparently. So I have to assume it’s true. Doctor Rivet saved some woman from the plague by hacking her arm off with a fire axe. To keep her from dying and rising anyway, we got a force of people up to the medical deck and grabbed supplies.

There was one other person up on that deck – and a ton of zombies. It was only luck that allowed us to rescue her and her kid, but we managed to. We even managed to do so without having to slaughter several thousand dozen zombies.

I don’t really want to talk about what the fighting has been like, other than to say it’s been revolting. And all too easy. But we’ve gotten better, as a group, at killing these things. And manipulating them – as I still believe the VOPA people did. We could lure most of them away from areas we needed to travel, and this let us work out a way to get what I think was 300 or so people out of the ship and safely onto life boats. Since each boat can hold a hundred people, and we got several boats, we had food enough to make it to shore.

I should say that this Grim Walker guy and doctor Rivet – and several of those cheerleaders – really stood out. There’s no way we’d have gotten so many people organized, and no way we’d have made it so far without this nascent group of ours gelling from the survivors. Dr. Kelp is the one who told us what we were facing. Mr. Barclay, the crewmember from one of the other Disney ships, is the one that made it possible to change our vague ideas into workable plans. Much of the time, our ‘team’ was split up among all the other lifeboats: we had the best engineers, and the best pilots.

People trapped in a small boat and scared are pretty frightening, by the way. When people panic, rational thought can go pretty far away.

Mr. Barclay also managed to control one of the lifeboats. See, after all this, we still ended up getting caught in a storm. We spent days, completely lost and trying just to stay together and not drown. You know how bad a deep-ocean storm can be, thanks to the lobster fleets. But now we’re coming to land. It looks like the US; I hope we’ve not been driven down to Mexico. We have some stuff that still has to be done, like dealing with this VOPA – it may be foolish, but it really is necessary, but I’m going to come home. It may take a while, but I’ll be there to get you. I hope everybody’s OK.

Kevin Journal 8

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