Kevin Journal 9

Mom & Dad:

We’ve finally reached shore, after all those weeks at sea. The timing was Hollywood-stereotyped: we had maybe a gallon of gas between the boats and were pretty much out of food. After that bit of good news, the rest of the day has just been awful: we landed at a dock and from the state of the other boats, the zombie thing really has hit the mainland. I hope you’re OK and have been able to keep away from other people who might want to take your stores: that was the end of my hopes that it hadn’t reached you.

I’m afraid I pissed off Andrea. She’s not speaking to me, but you’d be impressed how hard she works. It’s worth it, but it makes it hard to try to brainstorm ideas. Not that I’ve had much chance to build anything over the last few days.

Anyway, once we saw that all the nearby boats had been ransacked, we had to go look for supplies. That military guy, Grim, warned it would be risky, but we really need supplies, especially with such a big group. There was /some/ good news: there are survivors out there. Four fewer – and I’m afraid I had to be responsible for killing one. I don’t know how I feel about that, but I didn’t really see any choice. The survivors wanted to steal all our stuff, which would have been fatal to most of us. That’s the bad news, too: community seems to be completely gone. Maybe in a few more months it won’t be so bad, but right now, it’s kind of every man (group) for himself. Strangers are going to be really dangerous.

We also saw another group of zombies. They were hunting a person – a scavenger, I suppose – and got her. They moved really fast, but fortunately they’re still dumb as posts, so any decent defensive plan has a good chance of holding. They still chases sounds, though: I’m going to have to start teaching people a bit about stealth.

A large part of our group is from North Carolina, by the way. They’ll be wanting to find family and such, so I’ll be a bit longer reaching you. I hate to say I hope their families will be gone, but I do hope some of them will want to stay with us. They’re a bit young, but they’re helpful. They’ve got a lot of potential. I hope all this stuff doesn’t kill it. You’d like them, Mom. Eager to do things, yet still polite to us old folks. I hope you can feed them some of your oatmeal cookies – I assume chocolate chips will be getting harder to find for a while. One of the kids, ‘Edward’, seems to be interested in craft work. I’ll have to try to come up with some new things that might help us all, and get the kids to help. We’ll see if it’s more than just my imagination.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m still OK, and looking forward to seeing you.


Kevin Journal 9

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