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August 11, 2013

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe it. Land at last. I don’t even we care were we land. The storm has stopped and we are near land. I can’t wait to get out of this boat… We’ve lost so many though. Despite what I tried I couldn’t save everyone. Out of approximately 250 of us that set sail only about 30 of us are left. So many lost. Hank, Laura, Ike and the others, all lost at sea. I hope they make it to land to. I hope they find safety.

Session 11

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I don’t know what to do… I think they have to be crazy. They just murdered those people. They were running away and they just shot them down. Those people are dead because of us…

We got to land and we found out we were almost home. By some strange twist of fate we arrived in North Carolina. My home… Well almost my home about a 3 hour drive outside of my home. So close. It was 5 in the morning and the city seemed oddly deserted, desolate, even for that time. No lights… no city lights. No power. We were outside some sort of fish market.

It’s true then. This, whatever this is has spread. Nowhere is safe…. Even home…I hope my family is safe. Dad, Mom, Alan, Carl, David, JeffGranny and Poppa. My friends Tammy, June, Elaine, Scott, Lorene, Teresa…. My teachers….Mr. Harris, Mrs. Antonarolli……so many people to worry about. And so many people are gone… Dillon, Coach, Ike, and Sarah. I know others have lost more like Mr. Barclay. I know he’s lost a lot of his family. This wasn’t what life was supposed to be like.

Well before we set foot on land there was a lot of discussion about what we were going to do next. Why I was even there I don’t know. It seems they’ve (the adults) have been keeping things from me. They were discussing about some sort of gene… that makes people RCCs. So it seems like some sort of genetic disease. They were talking as if it was common knowledge. This was the first time I had heard of it. Mr. Barclay seemed to want to tell me more but he didn’t. I wonder what more they are keeping from me. I wonder why after all we’ve been through they don’t trust me.

The main focus is to get food. We are running low on general supplies. There was also discussion about going to the V.O.P.A. headquarters. I asked if that was what we wanted since the agent who shot me in the head was a V.O.P.A. agent. Mr. Barclay seems to think they might have a cure. It might be worth it for the cure. We still don’t know what they wanted with me. I guess if they don’t recognize me. Maybe I should dye my hair or something. As usual they pretty much ignore my suggestion to go to the game preserve north of here. There’s game… less people. But of course what do I know. I just come from this state.

Well we decide to start searching through the boats on the dock. We found that they were pretty much all stripped. So the good news there must be survivors… At least at some point there must have been survivors. We start heading in toward the small store that is next to the fish market. During this time Mr. Grim keeps lecturing us. It seems like he’s in a rush, pushing to give us as much information about survival as he can. He keeps telling us how things are going to be… And I want to yell at him “How can you know this? Nothing like this has ever happened before how can you know! This isn’t a movie or a stupid TV show. This is our lives and nothing like this has ever happened before!” But I didn’t yell I keep quiet I bit my tongue because the information he is giving us is useful. Stuff about clothing and socks and stuff.

Before we went into the store we heard a scream. I peeked around the corner and saw a woman running away from the RCCs at the top of a parking structure. Against Mr. Grim’s urgings we headed toward the parking structure to try to save her. There were three stories and we hurried up them… When we got to the top we found out we were too late. The RCCs had already killed her. We also found out that these were different RCCs then the ones on the boat. They were faster. As we fought the ones on the top of the structures more of them came from below us and started attacking us. I wasn’t sure we were going to make it but we did. We did make a lot of noise and I don’t think I was the only one worried that more RCCs would be coming. How can there be different types of these things? Is this what all the RCCs are going to be like on land? How could anyone survive this?

After the fight Mr. Barclay said there was a disturbance on the dock where we left the ship. My heart raced when I thought of those FRCCs. I started running with Mr. Barclay to get to the docks. There was some sort of vehicle with 4 men talking to the people on the dock. They had machine guns. They saw us and started to drive toward us guns blazing. I ducked and rolled for cover like I saw Dr. Rivet doing. Mr. Grim yelled that they were just covering their retreat. I don’t know exactly what happened next. I think Mr. Barclay jumped out of cover and hit the vehicle with his axe. Then Mr. Grim and Mr. Cole started shooting people….. I saw Dr. Rivet running from where he had been crouched with his medical bag out and kneel down beside one of the men checking vitals trying to care for him but it was too late. And they were dead… all of them…all murdered. The last of them shot down by Mr. Grim while he was trying to run away. Why did we attack them? They were human, like us. They might have been able to help us. They could have told us what happened. Why did they have to die?

After the firing stopped I ran to the ship and threw myself into the first safe place I could find, Jonathan’s arms.

Session 12

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After I calmed down a little, Jonathan asked me what happened. I couldn’t really talk about it. I know he’s worried about me I can’t blame him.

After the others came back to the ship we sailed down river. I guess the idea was to go to some of the more well off areas to see if we could find more stuff. We are running really low on food. I don’t know what we are going to do. After a while we stopped again and the usual suspects left to go scavenge. I refused to go. I wasn’t interested in being involved in shooting people again and I wanted to stay where I felt safe, near people I felt safe with. I also figured they didn’t need me on those expeditions and I dreaded the possibility that they might actually expect me to kill a living person. I understand that it might be necessary and I know that they are all doing what they feel is best for everyone but again to murder people. It goes against everything I was taught. My Dad yelled at me if I even pointed an unloaded gun at a person.

Well when they came back they told a strange story… First we have another member of our group an Officer Kline. I guess they found each other in one of the houses. Then they went back to looting and ran into a religious group that gave us supplies after preaching to the group. They waited till the group gave up some of the supplies they looted to give us some. It seemed very strange. They said the group was wearing robes and walked down the street chanting. So very odd.

I spent the day helping out looting the boats around our dock. We found some fishing poles and where able to fish up a few measly fish but not enough to make a meal out of. We have a lot of mouths to feed but maybe with everyone contributing we might be able to do it. I also found some gear I was able to break down. I hope we can use this stuff and I’m not just wasting my time. Maybe we should see if we can find some nets. Thats how fishing boats do it right. I think I saw it in a tv show once. They drag a net behind them and get a bunch of fish that way. Maybe that’s how we can feed everyone…

While I write this there is a yelling match going on in the kitchen area. Lisa and Mr. Grim were talking quietly in the kitchen alone and Mr. Barclay walked in and started adding his voice, trying to explain to her that murdering those men was the right thing to do in that situation. Dr. Rivet burst in and started yelling about how dare Mr. Grim and Mr. Barclay tell Lisa that killing was ok. Poor Lisa, having soo many adults yelling at her. She walked out with her dad soon after but the fight between Mr. Barclay and Dr. Rivet continued. Dr. Rivet said that it’s never ok to kill someone… never… I wish he wouldn’t say things like that…. Those are the kind of statements God likes to make you break. It also made me angry. Where was this philosophy when he was determined to allow the agents to kill me? He seemed perfectly ok with me getting killed; he even threatened to cut off my arm if I didn’t turn myself in, knowing there was a good chance they would kill me.

I guess it’s time for me to sleep if I can…. I’m soo confused. If I can’t sleep I’m going to break more things down at least that makes sense.

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Tabitha Journal 12

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