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Session 14

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August 15, 2013

Dear Diary,

The others woke up early in the morning and started gathering things together. Mr. Cole had rigged up a pump and they spent a couple of hours draining gas from the gas station’s tank. We filled up many containers and topped off both the tank in our car and in the ambulance. Dr. Rivet was in rare form this morning. He started interrogating me about sleeping. I was a little put off by his questions probably because I hadn’t taken my pill yet and Mr. Barclay murmured, under his breath, something about just telling Dr. Rivet that I had slept already. Which belatedly I did. I’m sure I convinced him. :)

Written Much Later

We made our way to the hospital and using the ambulance we lured some RCCs out. We didn’t get that many, only a few and I felt encouraged that there would be less in there waiting for us. We parked the cars near the parking structure, and a straight shot from the door so that we could retreat from the hospital. We also discussed who should go. It was obvious that Lisa wouldn’t be able to go and Dr. Rivet told Mr. Grim that it was ok that Mr. Grim stays with his daughter. Mr. Barclay didn’t think it was a good idea to leave the most experienced combatant behind. Not wanting to leave his daughter, Mr. Grim struggled with himself and decided that Lisa should be ok with Desirae looking after her.

We cautiously approached the doors to the main lobby and found the hospital packed with RCCs. There were tons of them. We tried to destract them the way we did on the Disney Magic by making a noise. Mr. Grim and myself snuck over to one of the abandoned cars and got its horn to honk continuously. This did nothing to distract the RCCs inside the building. Mr. Barclay pointed out that we had also just put Desirae and Lisa at risk. Mr. Grim wanted to go back and turn off the alarm but there was already too many RCCs around the car to risk going back over there. I just hope Desirae and Lisa don’t make any loud noises.

Since the bottom floor was so crowded we decded to try our bet with the 4rth floor. We headed up the garage and went over the bridge that connected the garage to the hospital. And found it wasn’t as packed as the other but there were a lot of RCCs. We started trying to lure one or two out but they ignored us as well. Stranger and stranger. We made our way into the hospital when a big RCC, like the one we saw in the engine room stepped up. Only this one had once been a Catholic priest. All the RCCs turned towards us and started yelling at us. It was terrifying. I had a moment of panic and fled back into the garage.

When I got back, the others had fought their way into the building. I quickly joined them and started helping them with the RCCs. These guys were a little tougher and the others assumed this was because of the big guy. Mr. Grim started shooting at the big guy hoping to take him out so the others would be weaker. The big RCC stepped around the corner so that Mr. Grim couldn’t hit him anymore. The fight progressed and it was looking the tide was turning our way when we were ambushed by some fast RCCs who came from the garage. Because things were looking fairly grim, Mr. Grim tossed a grenade into the room. I hope that loud bang doesn’t lure more RCCs to us. I’m so worried about Mr. Barclay. He’s toe to toe with these things and he not wearing any armor.

Session 15

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I need a shower, a nice long hot shower with some skin care and a manicure afterwards..What I wouldn’t give to get my nails done. I need a spa day, sigh. Maybe I should grab some products the next store we hit and do a miniature spa. We need something to cheer us all up. I’m covered in blood and gunk and brains and I’m so tired over feeling dirty and sick to my stomach. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to the sound of punching a sharp object into someones brain. I know I don’t want to. Dr. Rivet keeps trying to force food on me, I wish he wouldn’t. It just makes me feel ill.

We survived the fight, just barely. The priest RCC was very hard to kill and it looked pretty dire there for a lot of the fight. Even when we finally waded our way through waves of these things and had the big priest RCC surrounded, it still didn’t look good for our team. I’m soo relieved/surprised that nobody got injured. I was worried for a bit about Mr. Barclay because the big RCC bent down and tried to get a good bite into him but Mr. Barclay managed to push him off. Mr. Barclay went into one of his frenzies again and was able to kill the RCC. After it was dead he kept chopping into it over and over and over again.

Mr. Grim ignored Mr. Barclay’s breakdown and immediately went to a map on the wall to see if he could find the area where they would be keeping the machine they needed for Lisa. After he had regained his equilibrium Mr. Barclay went outside to check on our cars and the RCC situation out there. While he was gone Dr. Rivet told us where his hospital used to keep the machine. We headed in that direction as soon as Mr. Barclay returned to us.

As we headed deeper into the hospital we had to turn on our flash lights. It was very creepy walking through the abandoned hospital, waiting to be jumped by the hordes of RCCs you know might be around any corner. An odd thing occurred while we were sneaking around. We turned a corner and saw the hallway packed with tons of RCCs. It seemed endless. Having caught sight of our lights they turned towards us and I was getting ready to run when they turned around and started walking in the other direction. The whole horde of them left the floor we were on. Not being one to look gift horses in the mouth I encouraged the others to get into the room were looking for and grab the machine and get out before the RCCs changed their mind.

I started looting the area for medical supplies, since I had no clue what the machine looked like. Dr. Rivet found it and the thing was monstrous, like 10 ft. tall or something. We found the gurney for the ambulance and packed the machine and all the supplies on to it and made our way back up to the fourth floor. There we looted some more stuff that Dr. Rivet thought he would need and headed back out. When we got out side the ambulance was gone. There appeared to have been a fight. Well, I hoped no one got hurt, I tried to believe if Desirae was strong enough to drive maybe they were just circling, waiting for us.

Mr. Grim tried contacting Desirae but she didn’t respond which frustrated him. I didn’t find it too surprising. Best case scenario she was a woman with her right arm gone trying to drive a stick shift. I don’t think she would have had the ability to reach over and respond. We had to give up our original car and all the stuff inside because there were too many RCCs in the area. We found a white van in the parking garage and we were able to get all our loot into it. We then started driving, trying to figure out where Desirae and Lisa went to. We finally found the ambulance outside a warehouse. There was a man inside looting us. When he saw us approaching he dropped his loot and ran into the warehouse.

Before our van even stopped Mr. Grim was jumping out and running to the door, banging on it demanding to see his daughter. I went over to the ambulance to see what shape it was in. From the back everything looked cool. But then you got into front seat, there were smashed windows and blood and brains, and blood all over the place. The passenger and driver side windows had both been smashed.

Mr. Grim wasn’t able to get the door open and whoever ran into this place wasn’t responding, so he asked Mr. Cole to use some of his lock picking magic to get us in. Mr. Cole was successful but he couldn’t open the door because there was a bar in the way. Before we could figure out a way to get the bar out of the way, a window in the door opens up and the barrel of a shot gun proceeded to be aimed at Mr. Cole. Not the friendliest of introductions.

He wanted to know who we were and what we wanted. Mr. Grim begins demanding his daughter and Mr. Barclay asked about Desirae but this man refused to trust us. He wanted proof we were who we said we were. He seemed to thing we were had some horrible scheme to kidnap and rape Desirae and Lisa. He finally let us in when Mr. Grim was able to produce paperwork about Lisa. He doesn’t seem to like Mr. Grim very much and he seems to blame him for leaving Lisa and Desirae in the ambulance and then luring a massive herd of RCCs over to a nearby car.

When we all got into the warehouse he bared the door and leads us to the rooms where Desirae and Lisa are. He also lets us know we can’t go into Desirae’s room because she was bit by an RCC.. Poor Captain, Poor Mr. Barclay, Poor Desirae. To go through everything she’s gone through to just loose it all because of stupid planning on our part. Hindsight being 20 20 and all when we noticed the mistake we should of grabbed another car and tried to lure the RCCs away with it. We shouldn’t have let this disaster happen. We should of fixed our mistake.

Dr. Rivet and Mr. Grim went into Lisa’s room and after a moment Mr. Barclay went into Desirae’s room. I feel so depressed I could start crying again. Every time we try something, someone gets taken from us. It’s soo tempting to take another pill right now. I know I’d feel a lot better if I just had one more pill. One more pill wouldn’t hurt right….

After a while Dr. Rivet came out and gave me a list of supplies he needs. I guess with the best intentions the hero that saved Lisa and Desirae from the RCCs, well almost saved them, had been trying to flush the drugs out of Lisa which was bad for Lisa. I went outside with Mr. Cole and started gathering the supplies. I also put the stretcher in the ambulance where it belongs. When I came back in it had been decided that we would head back to the county club as soon as possible…I hope the others are ok.

Session 16

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Why can’t anything ever good really happen. I mean good things have and do happen but they seem to be surrounded by tragedy and misfortune. First we get the machine and supplies to save Lisa only to find out Desirae got bit while defending her. Then after a sad drive back to the country club and when we should of been finally been happy to join our friends again, we find out that while we were gone we lost Chloe, Jordan and Samantha to an RCC attack. Lisa’s surgery is successful but then we find out Mr. Barclay was bit as well when he collapses next to Desirae.

I don’t know how to handle this but Jonathan told me he’s tired of sitting by the side lines and kissed me, which is just all kinds of awesome in so many ways. I mean I’ve been attracted to Jonathan for a while but well I always thought he thought of me as a friend. But now wow…. I don’t know. I told Cameron I wasn’t comfortable with being with him because of Scott but with Jonathan it’s different. And Scott is still an issue. I mean he is my boyfriend and I have to break up with him before I really feel comfortable with this whole thing. Yet I hate to waste the time me and Jonathan have together worrying about Scott when either one of us might be the next ones to die. It only takes one bite. I hate to admit it but I keep thinking that I need to grab this and hold on to this or I’ll regret if for the rest of my life…

how ever long that may be….

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Tabitha Journal 16

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