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August 30, 2013

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe it. The truck crashed. We were so lucky nobody was too seriously hurt. Poor Mr. Barclay was the worst injured but Dr. Rivet seems to have patched him up. It was just bad luck that the tire blew while Uncle Joel was driving that fast through a huge mob of RCCs.

We were also lucky that a group of survivors, from a nearby church, found us and offered us food, shelter, and aid. I snapped at Mr. Grim. I shouldn’t of but I think I blamed him for what happened to my Uncle, since he encouraged him to drive through the RCCs instead of around them. We were packing up supplies to bring to the church. We were only bringing what we could carry and we stored the rest in the overturned truck so that they were less obvious. I was taking out the spark plugs from the cars to make it more difficult for anyone to steal them… and Mr. Grim starts talking to me about how it would be better to take ignitions plugs out… or whatever they call them. I know next to nothing about cars but I was worried and annoyed and tired of everyone second guessing me and so I told him he could do it then and walked off. I wonder if he did.

Once we got to the church it was really nice. I mean for this time . A little community was surviving here. Families and loved ones. This is the first time that we’ve seen a little close knit community like this. They fixed us dinner and it was nice. The group consisted of mainly a few families including a pregnant woman with a sick little girl. Dr. Rivet jumped at the chance to work and immediately began looking over the sick girl and the pregnant mother. I swear he thrives on people getting hurt. He doesn’t seem happy unless he has someone to tend to. The groups names were Peter and Jean Brookes, Monica Cadry, Timothy Hickman, Samantha, Joseph Wright, Zachary, Michael and of course Joseph the cat. After dinner the pregnant lady’s water broke…ewwwww…. and Dr. Rivet rushed her into another room to treat her.

Outside the others continued talking about how they had been surviving. From what they told us they wanted to move on because of looters and lack of food and asked if they could join us on our way to Norwood. We accepted. They seem to want to go to the cities. Everyone seems to be ignoring the voice on the radio saying the cities aren’t safe though to be honest how would he know all the way in Montana? I think… how the cities were like in North Carolina?

Was that a man screaming… What is happening in the delivery room?

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There are RCC babies… Vicious, hungry, small, and fast. I don’t know…. Is the human race extinct….. can we not reproduce anymore… If I get pregnant will it be with a monster.

It killed it’s father and it’s mother… and a little boy. The only reason it didn’t kill Dr. Rivet was because Mr. Grimm opened the door to the delivery room and let it out. We were able to stop it before it killed anyone else. But it was difficult. Small and fast and it could climb on walls…. Jonathan went after it with his baseball bat and clubbed it really good but it didn’t seem to hurt it at all. I was so afraid Jonathan or my Uncle Joel would get hurt.

On top of everything else some looters showed up and tried to strong arm some supplies from this community. They left really quick when they saw what we were dealing with.

After everything had settle down and Mr. Grim had dispatched with the dead bodies, we talked about our next steps. We didn’t have enough room in our cars for everyone so it was decided that a group of us would go into town, each get a car and drive out. I mentioned that I thought there should be a least two people per car in case something happens but my worry was shot down. They don’t seem to want to have any contingency plans.Mr. Grim apologized and said that he didn’t want me to feel like they shoot down all my ideas. But welll….. the proof is in the pudding as Granny used to say. I should just shut up and not say anything.

I wonder if it would be too late to re integrate myself in the group as a whole or whether I’ve been helping this group out too much. I could stay here tinker with my electronics stuff and hanging out with my friends. Improve our lives slowly, in my own way. I miss Pat, it seems like forever since we’ve had a chance to talk and be together. Speaking of talking I should find some time to talk to Cameron about Jonathan. I just have to figure out what I’m going to say.

I have almost all the parts I need to create the solar powered battery I’ve been working on… Then we can loot things like flour and yeast and have bread from a bread machine…stuff like that. Or maybe a little electric oven to heat things with… and of course charging my ipad. Loosing my ipad would be like loosing my life.

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Tabitha Journal 18

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