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July 20, 2013

Dear Diary,

Today was a very long day and a very sad day. Mr. Parker is dead. People aren’t supposed to die on vacation. Poor Mrs. Parker and Nicole. I wish there was something I could do to help. I can’t imagine loosing a family member.

Tammy had an accident during out performance as well. Dillon slipped while he was catching her and she fell and broke her leg. Deborah was so pissed off, I can’t believe what a bitch she could be. It was rather a depressing day and now I’m at a pajama party but I really don’t feel like partying at all.


The day started out real well. We all got up. I took my medicine and we headed to breakfast at the Top Sider Buffet in the morning. We only had the one meal with them but it was strange having 3 people missing. I was hoping to at least see Mrs. Parker and Nicole so that I could find out how Mr. Parker was doing.

I got a humongous plate of food at the buffet.

I chatted for a little bit with Mr. Barclay, the older gentleman at our table. He was very nice but it was pretty clear we didn’t have a lot to talk about. Mr. Bernstein seemed distracted and Pat was making eyes at Dillon across the way… They disappeared after breakfast and spent some time in our cabin while it was empty. I kept Sarah shopping with me so that Dillon and Pat could have some time alone.

We first went shopping for flowers for Mr. Parker. I was hopping he didn’t have any allergies. I found out later that he had passed away during the night. Ike showed up and started talking to Sarah and they started flirting with each other. They seemed really cozy up at the stack the night before. Ike helped us pick out the flowers and then Sarah and him wandered off. I’m hoping they didn’t interrupt Dillon and Pat. Damn I miss ♥Scott♥.

Well I decide to get some pajamas and souvenirs. I found pajamas I really liked.

I also stopped by the salon and made a reservation for us. I had nothing left to do before rehearsals so I shopped for souvenirs for everyone. I met Cameron while I was shopping and he helped me look at all the stuff. Then we went outside and looked at the ocean together. I did most of the talking told him about ♥Scott♥ and home and my family. Made him laugh a little. He was kind of quiet through most of the conversation. Maybe Tammy would like him.

Then we had a practice… They had us in the Buena Vista Theater. We did the routines perfectly. We were all on a high from the success.

After practice we had to go to the salon and get our hair and make up done. It was fun to be pampered. Then we had our performance and it the disaster of the catch. Dillon felt so bad. :(. After the performance I visited Tammy and made sure she was ok. I brought her some flowers.

After dinner we watched the comet. It was so cool. Dillon disappeared during it. I think he went to visit Tammy, he felt so guilty. Then we went inside for the sleepover…

Session 3

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Ok… things have gotten really really weird. I just don’t know what to make of it.

I guess I should rewind a little. The sleepover started and we were trying to have fun. I did my best to try to cheer up Pat but she was too upset. She over heard Deborah and Claude complaining about Dillon and Tammie and being in general bitchy as usual and Pat just lost her temper and got in a fight with Deborah.

Pat decided to go to visit Tammy and Dillon. I asked if she wanted company but she said she wanted to be alone. :‘( After she left I wandered over to Sarah to see how she was doing we talked for a little bit and I finally got her to ask David for a dance. I know she’s been crushing on him for a while. She thought he might like someone else but I convinced her it was worth the chance… You never know and how often do you get a chance like this. Though of course that left me alone. Damn i miss ♥Scott♥… I checked in with Jonathan but he was busy talking to some guy he must of met on the cruise.

Cameron looked sad and alone so I got him a drink and wandered over. He told me about his sister. I guess she was shot in some gang shootings in Texas. His church sent his family on this trip to help them get away while they grieved. That was really nice of them. I can’t really conceive of a little girl getting shot in a gang cross fire like that. I didn’t ask for any details just let him tell me about it if he wanted. He’s obviously still grieving over her. It’s so sad. Though I wonder if he saw it.. was he there… or did it happen when she was at school or walking home from school. Was anyone else hurt?… So very tragic.

Then while that was going on a man dressed all in black entered the room. Miss Wells turned off the music and he asked for me by name. So very weird… I think he was one of the guys arguing with Mr. Bernstein at the pool yesterday. He showed his badge and identified himself as homeland security. Well I of course was willing to cooperate. He wanted to make sure I was me and asked for my fathers name. He also asked if i had any id. Stranger and stranger. Who would pretend to be me? He was going to take me somewhere… I’m very glad he didn’t

While he was talking to me he got a call. I guess it wasn’t a good call because he pulled a gun and had us all stand against the wall… I still don’t understand why… It’s not like we were not cooperating or anything Miss Wells tried to keep us calm. He pulled out some rubber hose and a needles and a vial and asked me to come forward again… I came up again with a lot of fear … but David of all people objected. He didn’t want the guy bothering me. The guy pointed the gun at David and told him he didn’t want to be a hero. I cooperated… it was the only thing I could think to do. I don’t know why he was waving around the gun. I didn’t want him to accidentally shoot someone if I tried to resist… I was glad Pat wasn’t there she would probably have come to my defense like David had and gotten hurt.

Well he got my blood and was backing out of the room like we were going to jump him and suddenly he was jumped from behind by 3 people who started…. I still can’t understand it… but they started eating him… Well I grabbed a pool stick and started trying to beat them off but a girl pulled me inside and told me he was already dead… I think she had grabbed the gun the man had dropped when the 3 people started attacking him…Deborah wanted to know what was going on and i couldn’t explain anything to her.. because I had no clue. Miss Wells got the gun away from Lisa, I think her name was. I locked the door and the people outside started pounding on it. Thankfully the door looked pretty sturdy.

Miss Wells called someone and told us that we had to all stay put. She also got me a band aid and turned on the music again. No one was in the mood for dancing. The general opinion is that the people out side are on some type of drug like bath salts I think it was… Wasn’t that the drug that guy in Florida was on who ate the other guys face? Now I wished I paid more attention to that news article. I hope security will get here soon and take care of it. I can’t help myself I keep staring at the door. It’s like a horrible nightmare and I can’t seem to wake up from it. I hope Pat is all right. I hope she didn’t get attacked by them. I hope that she made it to the infirmary ok… oh wait I can text her…..

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Tabitha Journal 5

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