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Session 4

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July 21, 2013

Dear Diary,

It seems strange to start a new diary page when I haven’t even gone to sleep yet. We are still stuck in this awful nightmare that seems to not have an end.. Why haven’t the security gotten here yet?!!! I’d have thought they would of showed up with tasers or something and stopped whatever is going on but it doesn’t seem to be happening like that.

I feel so alone right now. I miss ♥Scott♥ and Tammy and Pat. I feel a little like a pariah none of the others are even talking to me. Tammy or Pat would of come in the bathroom when I was throwing up to make sure I was ok… They would of talked to me and helped me figure out what was going on. I hope the security showed up for Pat. It must be awful for her, trapped all alone in the bathroom with psychotic people banging on the door. Oh I shouldn’t say that… Mom would be upset at me for jumping to conclusions. These people aren’t psychotics… they are drug addicts probably an accidental over dose or something and I shouldn’t be judgmental without knowing the whole story. Though I don’t think Mom has ever seen one person savagely eat another person…. Oh god, how awful would it be to wake up from whatever place they are in and find out that you ate another person… I think I’m going to be sick again….


It’s good Lisa is here… She‘s the only one who seems to be, well, thinking. She got a bookcase from the wall and propped it against the door. It seems that the banging on the door is getting louder and they are beginning to break through. Cameron and Jonathon helped her move it. They also were able to get a pool table braced up against the door as well, hopefully that’s enough to keep them out. I really wish Miss Wells would turn off the music. But she‘s just kinda sitting there like the rest of us in shock probably. She’s not even stopping us from moving the furniture. All the music is doing is making an odd counterpoint to the banging and I think I’m getting a headache. It’s either that or Deborah‘s constant ranting. I’m trying to tune her out but she has a habit of making everything worst. Fighting with her won’t make anything better though.

It was the oddest thing. I noticed David and Edward staring out the large windows that have a view of the pool. There where several figures down there… I guess the best description is that they were shambling around the pool. I’m wondering if they are all on the drug like the people banging on our door..There seems so many of them … did someone spike the drinks in one of the adult only areas? There was even a Mickey Mouse down there shambling along. He held his arm kind of limp like it was broken or something. Neither David or Edward knew what to make of it. I can’t help to say it felt nice that they talked to me I’m hoping everyone is forgetting about the man taking my blood, it was just so odd… Maybe it was some type of random drug screening. I hope it wasn’t because of my medication. Maybe they were making sure I wasn’t taking performance enhancers… but why pull the gun…Of course no one will ever forget the way he died… It makes me kind of glad my dreams are always the same. Hopefully I won’t have nightmare about it.

While we were watching this bizarre parade around the pool. Lisa walked up and noticed that there was a large ship in the distance. She thought it was coastguard or something. She said we should signal it. For a moment I had a picture in my head of all the cheerleaders at the windows with large flags in their hands signaling to the ship. Like in an anime. Then she explained she needed help re wiring the lights so that they pulsed in a certain pattern to alert the ship we need help. I told her I could try my hand at it and I asked her to go ask Miss Wells if there was another way out of the Stack since we had recently heard an announcement asking everyone to come to the Disney Theater. You know the theater we had performed in. Richard came over and started helping by taping out s.o.s. on morse code, forcing the lights to flicker in time.

Well Miss Wells agreed to take us to the right deck using the staff elevator. It took a while for her to organize us and I was able to wire the lights to continue pulsing with the right pattern so Richard didn’t have to stay and send the signal… not that he was going to anyway. While we were waiting to go down we heard the oddest announcement over the loud speakers. It was asking if a man, I think his name was Mr. Ritter would go to the Disney theater and stop Mr. Cooper from shooting people. I wonder if he was on the same things the others were on… Was he going to eat the people after he shot them? A few moments afterwards the Captain got on the loudspeaker and asked Mr Cooper to stand down and for people to stop using the loudspeaker. It was nice to here the Captain’s voice and know that there were non drugged people out there.

Miss Wells took the first group down and just when she had returned and was taking our group down. The cruise ship was rocked as the Coast Guard Ship rammed it. The strangest thing was that after it rammed us a whole bunch of people fell onto our ship. Then they got up and started shambling just like the people I saw earlier. The coastguard people couldn’t have gotten on the same drug the others had. Maybe the captain told them what happened and they are pretending to shamble to fool the people on drugs till they can get close enough to mace them or taser them or wollop them or something.

Miss Wells, got us all down out of the stack and on the right floor. Now we just have to make it to the theater without meeting more…. cra… i mean reality challenged cannibals…. RCCs. Wait why did the lights just go out… I should turn off my ipad to save energy..Hopefully Miss Wells has a flash light?

Session 5

Beginning of Entry End of Entry

Later… Well we made it… The lights are still out.. Everyone seems to be fine. Lisa got back with I guess it’s her Dad… Damn he looks familiar and he must have told her something bad because he was crying and she started crying. Tammy and Ms. Helms are even here. They came in with the Dr. who kept Mr. Parker alive earlier, when he had his heart attack and Mr. Barclay. They had Tammie in a wheel chair. Dillon wasn’t with her. When I asked how she was she told me she was fine but Dillon had been killed by one of the RCCs. He was protecting her. She told me that he then got up after he was killed and attacked people….. I checked her for a fever but she seemed fine and I asked her what pain medication she was on. Maybe she’s having trouble fake images… I can’t think of the words not delusions but… I don’t know ..Because what she was describing sounded an awful lot like zombies but zombies don’t exist… though it fits with the RCCs.

I asked if she told Pat but she said no. That’s probably good I thought of telling Pat but this isn’t the kind of information to send in a text. It’s the type of information you tell your friend when your there to hold them and let them cry on your shoulder. Mr. Bernstein and Coach Sylvester told me that they were trying to get Pat out of that bathroom… I don’t know how long she’ll last in there… She must be so alone and terrified. I tried texting her again but it looks like it hasn’t gone through. If the texts are down then I can’t text ♥Scott♥ either. I wish he was here… No I don’t wish that I want him safe at home. I couldn’t loose him the way Dillon was lost. :’(

It’s very scary here. I’ve been helping move sick people. I guess that the sickness they have will eventually turn them into a RCCs. So they want to quarantine it. I hope Dr. Rivet? can find a cure. There can’t be an incurable disease and Dr. Rivet seems pretty smart. Though how can he do that when he has such limited facilities… Maybe Mr. Bernstein can help him, he knows a lot about chemicals and medicines and stuff like that. I’ve also helped Tammy sort through medicines and bandages and stuff. I’ve been over hearing things. Bad things. It seems Tammie was right there are zombies….But are they really zombies or did Tammie just buy into whatever the adults told her… But why would they lie…..

Lisa’s dad seems angry or maybe frustrated..Why does he look so familiar? He seems upset about the sick people. I think I overheard him saying we should shoot the sick people. I think he means after they get up again. I really hope it doesn’t come to that… Will Ms. Helms be ok down there? I told Dr. Rivet about the ship hitting our ship and the other, I guess they must of been RCCs, falling aboard. I couldn’t remember what type of ship it was but Dr. Rivet asked questions to help me remember. The people falling on board our ship was probably a very bad thing. Mr. Barclay seems to be in charge right now and Dr. Rivet let him know. It’s all so very scary…. Zombies can’t really exist. And how was there zombies on two different ships… I hope it isn’t home too. At least they will be able to treat it. I hope Scott, Tammy, and my family are ok. They have to be, I know Dad will take care of everyone.

They started forming a group to get some guns and get the electricity up and running again. Also they discussed rescuing some of the people in trouble. Mr. Barclay asked if any anything about Electronics.. after a pause I said I did …He kind of looked me over and passed me by. He then made a general announcement… nobody else did so they decided to bring me along. I get that look a lot. Everyone in the group introduced themselves… there was Mr. Barclay who i guess is a ships engineer, Dr. Rivet, Mr. Grim… I’m not sure why he’s going and a Mr. Kevin who I guess is good at repairing things. He reinforced the doors into theater.

Before we left Jonathan gave me a hug and asked me if I was going. I told him I had to go to help get Pat out. He told me to be careful.. That was so sweet of him. I told him I’d be fine. I’ve always been pretty lucky. It felt good being hugged by him.

Written Later after hopefully returning.

We made our way through the ship and didn’t run into any RCCs until we hit the stair well. Then they started coming up from below us and above us. We had to make it to Deck 1 and so Mr. Kevin and Mr. Grim killed the zo… i can’t say it the RCCs that where coming from the lower decks and we were able to get out of the stair well before the ones above us caught up with us. I didn’t have much to do while the others fought. Just stood in the back with Mr. Barclay and Dr. Rivet. At one point during the fight I guess I must of said something that the others thought was funny. The monsters had howled at us and it was a frightening sound… and just one thought flitted through my mind and of course as usual I blurted it out… I think I said something about someone forgetting to use their mouthwash that morning… It must of seemed odd to say in all this blood shed and carnage because the guys started laughing as if it was funny.. I wasn’t trying to be funny their breath stank to high heaven. Maybe they are just a little hysterical.

We also heard one of the RCCs fall down the stairs behind us. Thankfully it never made it to us and we were able to get to deck 1 and out the door…..I can’t really believe that I’ve just watched two people get their heads bashed in. I’m trying to be strong about this…but O….M……G. I knew that I couldn’t be sick… Mr. Barclay didn’t even want to take me on the trip and I needed to help him get the lights back on so we could save Pat.

Session 6

Beginning of Entry End of Entry

Well once we left the stairwell we moved as quietly as we could down the hallway that lead to the security office. It was frightening, hearing all those moans. Once we got inside the security office the others went through everything and packed as much as they could into bags to carry with us. Mr. Grim put on riot armor and armed himself with all sorts of munitions. Mr. Cole also put on riot gear. I prefer to carry as little as possible. All that armor is a bit of overkill and will just slow you down in my opinion but nobody was asking my opinion. I did take a glock for emergency purposes. I was told rather severely that we were not supposed to fire the guns because the general belief is that it will draw more to us. It makes me question the point of gathering them in the first place…. Of course the armory didn’t have any silencers. That would of made it easier. They also found some keys there. Mr. Barclay believes these keys will give us access to other areas of the ship. It made me realize I didn’t have anyway to open any of the doors where we are going. What if one of us gets separated… I guess I’m going to have to run and dodge like crazy… hopefully some of the doors can be open without keys or I’ll be pretty much trapped.

When we were leaving we got attacked by another RCC. The ship seems to be swarming with them. What’s causing this…..Mr. Cole dispatched this one. We attempted to quietly make our way back to the stair well. When we opened the door. A RCC practically fell on Mr. Cole as another one jumped him.

I was sick again.. I’ve always had a weak stomach… but … I hate to say it .. I killed one. It was the one on the ground. It was crawling and I didn’t think….oh god… I caved it’s head in with the extenda baton… then proceeded to loose whatever contents were left in my stomach. There wasn’t much mainly dry heaves. Mr. Barclay gave me a look… and I knew he was regretting bringing me a long.

I hate vomiting… that awful taste in your mouth.. and these things reek…After the others had dispatched the rest of the RCCs, we proceeded down to the engine room.. The first room we entered was a workshop of some sort. Mr. Cole seemed very excited about all the tools and machinery he saw there but it was also swarming with RCCs. We clumped up and they started shambling toward us. Suddenly Mr. Barclay rushed over and attacked a RCC over in a corner by a door. He’s pretty athletic for an elderly gentleman. But he was attacking the zombie alone. I ran over and attacked and did it again. I killed him. I caved his skull in. I think I’m going to be sick again just thinking about it.

I was a little sick at the time. There wasn’t anything to come up just dry heaves. I saw Mr. Barclay practically roll his eyes at me. Yeah he’s regretting me coming. I turned around and saw the rest of the group facing off with the other 5 RCCs so I ran over there and tried to assist Mr Grim. Retching must of left me a little disoriented because I just wasn’t participating very well. But the others dispatched the zombies and quiet reigned. It was warm … very warm down here. We soon found out it shouldn’t of been that warm.

We started to investigate the doors to the engine rooms and found the hallways filled with a hot steam. It seems some of the pipes where broke. It made it hard to see and the hissing sound made it hard to hear. Mr. Barclay believed that we could fix the pipes but it would be dangerous and time consuming and we couldn’t fix the electricity without fixing the pipes. It seemed a humongous task and Mr. Grim argued that we probably shouldn’t do this. That there might be better ways to spend our energies. Mr. Barclay and Mr. Grim got in a heated discussion about it which came down to the lights being on would improve peoples chance of survival. While they were arguing there were some rapid knocks on the other side of the door and Mr. Barclay opened it over Mr. Grim’s protests because he said they didn’t sound like a RCC’s knocks. 3 crew members scurried in. One who seemed to know Mr. Barclay and was the chief mechanic.

As Dr. Rivet checked them out, they told an awful story about people dieing coming back as RCCs. They seemed to think we wouldn’t believe them. I understand that. I wouldn’t of believed them if I hadn’t just seen what I saw. Dr. Rivet took one of the crew members aside and started treating him… I think he might of been scratched. I hope Dr. Rivet is only treating him for possible infection not for the RCC disease.

After he was done with the crew, Dr. Rivet turned his attention to me. I guess my throwing up had bothered him… Am I the only one disturbed that we are caving peoples heads in!!!! I mean really is my response that odd… or maybe I’ve just run into a bunch of psychotics. How do you get used to doing something like that? I do admit i have a weak stomach but seriously… how do you get used to this? He asked if i had been scratched or bit and checked me for a fever and made a big fuss over nothing. He asked the last time I ate anything. He said my eyes were dilated and that I had a rapid heart beat….He started asking me questions about what we had been doing in the stack and at first I thought he was trying to find out if we were having sex up there or something the way he was talking around it. Maybe that was just me …. it’s been a while since I’ve been this long without being with ♥Scott♥ and I’m missing him. Anyhow he finally came out and asked if we had been doing any drugs up there. I told him no but I did explain that I was on a prescription given to me by my doctor. He started asking about it and trying to explain why he was concerned about it.

I showed him all my paper work and I explained that I’ve been on Dex since I was 13 when I was diagnosed with narcolepsy. He got very stern with me and asked if I was lying to him. I assured him I wasn’t. Though part of me wanted to know why it was really any of his business. He’s not my dr. and we’ve only just met. These where awfully personal questions. He asked how many I have and I explained I have a dosage for a few weeks which should be plenty. He discussed putting me on a drug that would calm my heart rate down because he said it wasn’t healthy. And to think I used to think he was kinda cute and heroic acting the way he saved Mr. Parker We are in a room with RCCs trying to kill us and he’s worried that my heart is beating a little fast. I don’t get it.

Well, the adults decide to try to fix the leaks so that we can get power. The head mechanic says there are close to 30 RCCs in there. That’s a lot of RCCs. There’s talk of luring them to a choke point and other tactics to use… from what I can understand the tactic that was picked was to go slowly in and fix things as we go. It could take hours though.. I hope everyone is ok up at the theater… And what if the lights go out in there I hope they have those camp flash lights that give off a wide beam of light so they can see their patients. About that time I started thinking of Cameron and his family..I hope his parents are all right. It would suck if he lost his parents on the cruise his church sent him on to recover from the lose of his sister. I wonder how I would be able to find them.

We start to move in only to find 2 RCCs waiting for us. Well one of the RCCs was pinned behind the door and other one attacked. We are able to kill both but then a big RCC showed up. He was a lot tougher..and he spoke… All I could think was … they were wrong.. they aren’t the z word, they really are RCCs … they just need to be fixed. Though there was no denying he was obviously dead. Most of his throat was ripped out. He attacked us not with teeth but with a big huge wrench and he kept on saying things like you die. It took almost all of us ganging up on him but we were finally able to…kill him. I didn’t lose my lunch this time despite killing the RCC behind the door. Yay me? When the big guy re died? He yelled out to the other RCCs to attack us. Then we heard a lot of moans… Well I guess we were able to lure them to that choke point after all…

Session 7

Beginning of Entry End of Entry

OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG Why has the world gone so wrong… I’m sitting here on the damp floor in the hall outside the engine room crying and I can’t seem to stop. I was going to rejoin Mr. Barclay after I got Cameron bandaged and settled to find out what we should do. Then I noticed that one of my nails had broken… and I started hiccuping and then the tears won’t seem to stop and I just kinda collapsed on the floor. I just want to go home, I want to see my family again. I want my mom and dad… I want all this madness to stop and to wake up from this nightmare. And all I can seem to do is cry.

I need to focus, I need to write down what I remember …. I hope I see my friends again. I can’t understand why the world has suddenly gone insane. After the big RCC died he called out to all the rest of the zombies in the area. Mr. Grim told us to all fall back and ran out. I waited till Dr. Rivet and the crew members got out and ran back to the door where Mr. Barclay was standing. He yelled at me to get through the door and that he was right behind me. I was then instructed to take a place to make a … I guess it was a horse shoe shape around the door.

Mr. Cole wedged the door so that it could only be closed so far and we waited for the RCCs to arrive. While I was standing there, one of the crew members collapsed next to me. I turned to him and started to drag him away from the area we were going to fight in and Mr. Grimm barked at me to stay in position. It surprised and startled me. It also got me a little angry. I couldn’t let the man just stay there, sick on the ground. So I did my best and dragged him over to a table. Dr. Rivet then took him from me and tried to make him comfortable on the table. I went back to my position and continued to wait for the RCCs.

They arrived on mass.

It seemed like hours as the RCCs pressed their way through the door, even though I know it was much less then that. They tried and tried to push their way through the door as a mob and they kept on with that horrible horrible cry. It chilled my blood. I know at one point my mind just blanked at the horror of it all. I became almost numb and disconnected as i watched my extenda baton rise and fall over and over again. I can’t help but think the numbness was a blessing. I know I killed a few but many times it was the others who brought them down. Certain moments in this endless fight flash with sudden clarity in my memory. I remember looking up and seeing Dr. Rivet tying the sick crew man down on the work table. I remember a RCCs trying to hit Mr. Barclay and have a brief flash of horror that Mr. Barclay, who reminded me of my grandfather, unarmored was in the middle of fighting while another combatant wearing riot armor was using him as cover. I remember Hank, the head mechanic, getting pushed back by the RCCs and running over and jumping over a table to land a killing blow on the RCC threatening him. I remember an RCC pushing in and grappling with Mr. Cole who handily pushed the RCC off of himself.

After the fight Mr. Grim’s phone went off. As did mine. I checked my phone and was happy to see Pat seemed ok. It seemed there was a backlog of texts and I was getting them all at once. Text messages to Tabitha She had gotten out of the bathroom and into a sports storage area and had killed an RCC with of all things a toothbrush. I couldn’t do something like that… Some of the cheerleaders had started a rescue party to find and help her. then I read the rest… It was bad very bed… Government agents had taken over the theater and they had killed Coach and beat up Mr. Bernstein…. Deborah warned me not to come to the theater.

How can I sit here I have to do something… They say they are searching for me… They are killing people to get to me. I don’t understand it… none of it makes sense. I can’t write anymore. I should leave. I should stop them…


Ok, I’m back in some control at least.
I need to finish this. I need to focus.

I remember Mr. Barclay asking what they wanted from me and I told him about the blood draw and how I thought it was a drug screening of some sort and he asked why I hadn’t told anyone and I said I told Dr. Rivet. I know I panicked a little, I think I must of offered to turn myself in just so I could stop the senseless killing… It just doesn’t make sense. People are supposed to stick together and protect each other in crisis situations. Why are they killing people… They killed the sick people… All the sick people are dead.. They even shot the nurses.. I hope that doesn’t include Tammie and Miss Helms. And why would they beat up Mr. Bernstein. I wonder if this has anything to do with what they were talking to him about. Mr. Cole (you know he’s kinda of smart and cute) tried to explain to me that it was how a smaller group controlled a larger one. But why aren’t we working toward a common goal? It wasn’t like I was resisting or running away or anything. I’ve just been trying to help.

Mr. Grimm started lecturing me about how I needed to stop being a martyr and grow up and realize that I can’t just turn myself in that I have to … I don’t know what he really wanted me to do but it sounded like he wanted me to attack them. But that seems all wrong. They are government officials. They are supposed to protect us … But they are killing us. I don’t know. I said we should at least talk to them see what they want and he said we would but he didn’t sound like he expected it to end peaceably. He also said I had to realize that this is how the rest of the world was going to go… That when we get to land we can’t trust anyone. He spoke as if everyone we would meet would be our enemy. Its insane absolutely insane.

The good news is we were able to reunite with Jonathan, Sarah, David, Phil, and Pat. They got to the captains deck. Down in the engine room I realized I was getting tired and missed my medication dose. I took a pill and felt a lot better. In the texts we learned that Sarah had been hurt and that the bridge was secure though there was a lot of bodies there and the captain was dead. They also had found a small boy. Mr. Grim thought that it might be his son and was very anxious to get up there. We made it up to the bridge. They had barricaded themselves in and they had to work to let us in. Pat was here and ok. We hugged and cried and hugged again. We talked about Dillon and other stuff. I saw Mr. Grim lecturing Jonathan and Phil about something. Dr. Rivet helped Sarah. It was a relief to learn the wound was not caused by the RCCs. But the wound looked awful and Dr. Rivet said it was infected. Dr. Rivet also checked everyone the same way he checked me. I think he thinks all American kids take recreational drugs all the time. I did see Pat taking some of her allergy pills. He thought those were recreational drugs as well probably. The little boy was not Grimm’s little boy unfortunately. He’s name was Evan Coleman. He looked very scared. The decision was made to return to the engine room and make that our base of operations. Jonathan carried Sarah and I carried Evan. I think he might be in shock. He was very quiet all the way down. I hope his parents are ok.

We went down there and made sure everything was still secure. I agreed to stay up and take a watch while the others slept. I wasn’t sleepy. I also helped with the electricity. Hank gave me some overalls to put over my clothes. They were safety clothes so I didn’t get hurt while I was helping. Mr. Barclay stayed up as well but he looked awfully tired. Phil stayed up with us to keep watch as well. I had been texting to let everyone know our location because they mentioned that Edward, Laura and Cameron had snuck out and were looking for us and I wanted to let them know where we were. Sometime. later.. maybe an hour after everyone else had gone to sleep. There were some rapid knocks on the door. Mr. Barclay was very careful opening it and Cameron came tumbling in.

It looked like someone had beat the crap out of him. He told us that he, Laura, and Edward had all been caught sneaking out. The government officials had beat them up while Mr. Cooper talked about mutiny. Then after beating the crap out of him they had sent Cameron through the RCC infested halls all alone to give us a radio that works. So they could talk to us. I just don’t understand any of this. I treated Cameron’s wounds and got him hunkered down. I have to admit part of me was so relieved to see him a live I could of kissed him but I of course refrained. I was also tempted to curl up next to him… Instead I decided to check in on Mr. Barclay.

And here am I sitting here uselessly crying. I just can’t wrap my head around it.. It’s just to big. I mean it would be bad enough if it was just me and my friends. But it’s not… It’s Mr. Grim’s daughter Lisa, it’s Mr. Barclay‘s family, it’s Mr. Cole’s girl friend if she’s still a live and all the rest of the people who trusted us to take care of them. They are all at risk and some how it’s my fault. And I have no idea how to fix any of this.

Session 8

Beginning of Entry End of Entry

Written after returning to the engine room or another safe place

My head hurts… My leg hurts. I’ve never been shot before. I don’t think I’ll try and make a habit of it. Damn, I shouldn’t laugh. I need a bath. My hair is all matted with my blood. At least the work clothes I was wearing were semi clean before I was shot. If I had still been wearing my dress…my poor dress all covered in RCC gunk, I’d probably be infected with whatever disease it carries I should really change into my pajamas… Yeah they would be nice and soft and then I could just fall a sleep. It seems like too much effort to get up and change. Dr. Rivet says I shouldn’t fall a sleep yet. It might be dangerous.. So I might as well write what I remember while I’m sitting here. I’m just so incredibly tired.

As soon as I got done with my crying jag, I decided to make myself useful and scrounged for some food. Soon after I started Hank and Jacob got the lights back on. I gave food to Phil, Hank, Mr. Barclay, and Jacob. I tried to convince Mr. Barclay to go to bed and get some rest before the others got up. He of course ignored me. He looked tired though and a man as old as he is shouldn’t over extend himself. I did succeed in getting Phil to lay down for some sleep.

Hank seemed to be determined to fix the leak in the ship. Since I wasn’t doing anything else and anything would be better then sitting there staring at the doors and hearing poor Troy suffer I offered to help. Hank was great and took the time to explain the different tools and how they worked. He was much more patient then my Dad was when he tried to explain how to fix a car. I probably slowed him down but the work was simple and absorbing and it felt good to be able to fix a problem instead of being run over by them. It seemed to help dissipate some of the anxiety I had been feeling. Hank even allowed me to blow torch the patch onto the area that was leaking. So super cool.

When I could I made sure to check on Cameron, Troy, and Sarah to make sure there wasn’t anything they needed. I noticed that Mr. Grim must of gotten up at some point because I saw him talking to Mr. Barclay. I made him some food as well and he gave me some brown packages with the words MRE on them and some trail bars to add to the general pool of food. I left them to their discussion. I was hoping they were trying to figure out a way out of this mess. I knew that Mr. Grim, at least, seemed experienced in these type of violent situations and I knew that if anyone could figure out a solution he could. I didn’t know how wrong I was.

At one point while I made my rounds I heard the tools being turned on in the tool room and when I peeked in there I saw Mr. Grim building some sort of weapon. I hoped that wasn’t their plan. Eventually the allotted time came and Mr. Barclay started waking people up. I wish he hadn’t I wish they had a few more hours to escape from this nightmare but I know that there were people who were at risk and we needed to do what we could to save them.

I made the rounds with food and checked on Cameron again, making sure I left some food next to him.. He looked so defenseless, sleeping there. I did notice that some of my bandages had been rearranged so I guessed, Dr. Rivet had been in to check on him. The adults convened inside the tool room again and I heard the power tools being turned on again. When I briefly peeked in on the adults, who seemed to be having a very serious conversation over a slip of paper and Mr. Cole using the power tools to make something similar to what I had seen Mr. Grim working on earlier. I left them to their discussions and soon found myself in Sarah’s room talking to Jonathan, David, Patricia, and Phil. I thought it was too bad that Cameron wasn’t in here. If it wasn’t for the fact he was resting I think I would of asked one of the guys to bring him in.

We talked about inconsequential things. Things we would of talked about on a normal day in the cafeteria. By some unspoken agreement, none of us mentioned RCCs or crazy government agents or how worried we all were about out friends and teachers in the hands of those crazy government agents. We did talk about Coach. We shared stories about her. It was hard to believe that she was dead. I don’t think the realization had sunk in to any of us. I worried about those left up in the room…

After a while Dr. Rivet came in looking for me. With a sinking feeling in my stomach that I was in for another lecture again and with a sigh I followed him out of Sarah’s room. What he told me was worst then a lecture. First he asked me if I had slept and I told him that I hadn’t felt like sleeping. I expected a lecture for that but he just nodded his head as if he figured it. He told me that they had received a note from the agents up in the theater and they had told them that they had two hours to turn me over or they would start killing people. That sick anxious feeling that had never really gone away suddenly became worst.

Maybe it’s the shot on the head or just the horror over the situation but the next hour and a half seems like a blur. I asked if they had any plans and Dr. Rivet explained that they were trying to figure something out but they hadn’t come up with a solid plan yet. While we were talking Mr. Barclay came up and we returned to the tool room to join in the general discussion. It was very confusing. There were discussions about attacking the agents. The general worry was that innocent people would get hurt if we attacked. Dr. Rivet was watching me very intently… it felt like he was trying to peel back my skin and see what I was thinking. He very quietly and very seriously asked me what I wanted to do. Since the only options I knew where 1. Turning myself in or 2. Getting people hurt. I said I didn’t want people hurt so I would turn myself in. Mr. Grim started interrupting me saying that we were not going to turn me in or that it was out of the question or something like that but Dr. Rivet snapped at him and said that it was my choice and turned to me and waited for my answer.

I told them that I didn’t want to turn myself in but I thought it would be our best option. Despite what I had said the conversation continued around me and they decided that they were going to try to get to the security office so they could see what was going on in the theater and maybe make plans based on that information. Mr. Grim made sure that we learned a specific knock that they were going to use to get in and him, Dr. Rivet, and Mr. Barclay then left Mr. Cole and I to guard the door. I just hoped that they weren’t going to be chased by RCCs on the way back.. It would make it hard to remember what to knock.

Well less then 10 minutes later we heard the knock on the door. It was an amazingly short time and I was worried that they had been attacked by RCCs on the way there, but as they filed in they looked unharmed and I released the breath I had been holding. They explained that when they got out into the stairwell they were stopped by one of the agents. They didn’t see the agent but he talked to them from the darkness of the stairs above. They were obviously keeping an eye on us. He also told them that the corridors of the ship where packed with RCCs. When they listened at one of the doors they heard lots of moaning and shuffling. Not wanting to fight their way through, they decided to retreat back to the engine room and discuss options.

We again started to question what plan to use. They discussed whether to give me up and talked about what the agents would do to me. Dr. Rivet was pushing for them to give me up saying that he was a pacifist and he couldn’t, i think the word was condone, any action that put more people at risk. Mr. Barclay turned to him and said you know they are going to kill her don’t you. And Dr. Rivet looked at me and said that he understood that. Through most of this discussion i was quiet.. I think i was even holding my breath.. Scared to breathe, scared to do anything… I felt my skin flushed and hot and i knew my breath was shallow and fast. Well at that point I would of said that I’d never been that scared before or maybe a better word was terrified, listening to them discuss my fate but that was before the stairs. I know I interrupted at one point because they kept on saying that I wanted to go up there. And I didn’t God forgive me. I didn’t want to go up there. I understood that was what it sounded like I had to do. But there was no want in this situation.

At one point we started hearing zombies groans from the table where Troy was. Mr. Grim picked up a hammer and walked over there and and and… killed him. I flinched. I think Dr. Rivet did as well. I was glad I hadn’t eaten anything since dinner the night before or I would of lost it. As it was I know I turned a little green and I couldn’t help but wince at the callous way he was re-killed.

At one point they started to discuss what the agents would do. They believed that once they got a hold of me they would leave on the helicopter. There was talk of sabotaging the helicopter and part of me felt like saying, do you really want them to hang around. I think it was Mr. Cole who also said that he thought that they might blow up the ship to destroy those infected, not caring about killing the survivors. I hate to admit it but my mind jumped at this. I know it was cowardly but I didn’t want to die and if giving myself up to the agents meant that more people would die it didn’t make sense for me to do it. So I started arguing for a different solution. Not that I had any good ones.

Mr. Barclay mentioned that he had told the agents I was dead and they had asked for my body as proof. Shit… I hoped they didn’t read all those text messages I had sent. They discussed finding a body and disguising it as a dead me. It was so morbid and gruesome. They then discussed that they probably didn’t need a whole body but like an arm or something and Mr. Grim turned to Dr. Rivet and asked him if he could disguise an arm as mine. They even started talking about using some of my nail polish which of course I had in my over night bag I had with me. OMG, OMG, OMG. It was decided that it would be too difficult to find and get right now. Dr. Rivet turned and looked at me and said in a voice that I hope and pray meant he was joking when he said something like I probably don’t need both my arms. For a second I couldn’t breath… I still don’t know if he was joking or not.

Mr. Grim decided to check what the front of the theater was like to see if we could surprise them by entering from that direction. He did something I thought was amazing. He got in the elevator, popped up the top and crawled through and started climbing up the shaft. I thought they only did that kind of stuff in movies. As we waited, Dr. Rivet renewed his arguments against attacking and he point blanked said that he would not aid in any surprise attack they planned or ambush because it would just get more people hurt or killed and that he couldn’t believe we were sitting here talking while people were at risk when all we had the solution right here.

Dr Rivet made a joke or off hand comment about cutting off my arm again then he turned to me and in a very quiet, deadly serious intense voice told me that it might come to that if I didn’t turn myself in. And for the fiftieth time in one day I felt the world tumbling in on itself again. In other words he scared the living crap out of me. And it became clear I was disposable. I never felt like that before but I know that when Dr. Rivet looked at me, he saw me as possibly a problem or a barrier to what he saw as his duty. All the concern he had shown earlier was total fucking bs. I was nothing to him. And I know I’m not being fair. I know there’s the bigger picture thing going on but it hurt knowing he was so eager to sign off on my death. That he was willing to threaten me to force me to do what he wanted.

When Mr. Grim came back and told us that there were too many RCCs in front of the theater, I saw it in the faces of the others too. In Mr. Barclay’s look of weary resignation and anger. In Mr. Grimm’s frustration. The only one who I couldn’t read was Mr. Cole but then againhe had his back to me working on whatever thing he was designing. I knew the others would fight for me but with Dr. Rivet’s threat ringing in my ears and knowing that they could be hurt, I felt a little bit like poor Troy tied to a table waiting for someone to kill me. I knew I couldn’t risk them by forcing them to attack. We were up against 4 people who seemed to know what they were doing. So finally after a long discussion it was agreed to turn myself in. I noticed Mr. Barclay, Mr. Grim, and Mr. Cole hiding weapons in case they were searched and I put the extenda baton and disney badge in one of the work clothing’s pockets, shouldered my overnight bag and got ready to go.

Mr. Barclay woke up Hank and made plans with him leaving him in charge while they went to deliver me. Before we left I realized that I hadn’t said goodbye to Jonathan, Pat, Cameron, Phil, Sarah, or David not to mention Hank or Jacob. I was practically in tears now thinking unless a miracle happened I would probably never see them again and I just about begged Mr. Barclay to let me go say goodbye to them. He told me no. He said he didn’t think they would let me go if they found out that I was about to go to the agents and we didn’t want them to get hurt. It made me bitter that I wouldn’t even be allowed to say goodbye.

We got into the stairwell. Mr. Grim and Mr. Cole where in the front of the group. Next was Dr. Rivet and unfortunately I was stuck next to him with Mr. Barclay behind me. Way to close to Dr. Rivet. We made our way up the stairs and a voice came down from above and said since he didn’t hear us moaning we must be alive and asked if we were going to turn me over. He also demanded that I come alone up the stairs. I knew Dr. Rivet wanted to argue that because he wanted to get to the injured in the theater. I think it was Mr. Barclay or maybe Mr. Grim, but one of them convinced the agents to send down people as a sign of good faith. They sent down almost everybody except for about 10 people. I was happy for Mr. Cole because his girlfriend was one of the people sent down. Lisa was missing, as was Mr. Bernstein and Laura. I prayed that they were all right.

Mollified that the majority of injured had been sent down to us, Dr. Rivet turned to help them into the engine room and I started heading up the stairs. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so abandoned or alone. My anxiety and terror seemed to increase with each step. I was proud that I didn’t burst into tears but I couldn’t stop shaking..When I got up the steps there were 4 agents in military looking gear there. They seemed huge and scary to me. One of the was carrying a small boy in his arms. An agent, I think he was the one called Mr. Smith, approached me and told me not to struggle or we would do this the hard way. I asked him what the hard way was, fearing that it involved the scared little boy and he held my gaze a long significant time and I tried not to flinch. I did ask him if I had done anything wrong. He said I hadn’t. Two of the other agents grabbed me by the shoulders and started pushing me up the stairs. They both had guns in their hands though they weren’t pointing them directly at me. They didn’t seem much worried about me.

As we moved up we could hear steps echo behind us. Mr. Smith yelled down that they had better not follow us. There was no response from below. We continued up and heard more of those steps and before I realized what was happening Mr. Smith pulled out a grenade and dropped it down the stairs. There was an explosion.. It seemed huge to me and I could hear Mr. Barclay screaming and moaning downstairs.

Not thinking to clearly, I heard myself blurting out, nobody move or the cheerleader gets it. They all stared at me dumbfounded and I took advantage of their hesitation to grab the little boy and start running down the stairs. In my panic all I could think of was getting this child away from these fucking maniacs and helping Mr. Barclay. I don’t know how I was planning on doing that but it seemed important to get to him. If I hadn’t been carrying the child I thought I might of dropped down the center of the stair well but I couldn’t risk this little boy that way. He couldn’t of been older then 2 and I didn’t think I could catch the railing if I was falling one handed. I thought I might actually get away but then I heard the report of automatic fire and I felt several excruciating searing pains in my leg and it gave out from under me just as I was about to turn the corner in the stair well. I know I screamed and I stumbled to my knees, still cradling the child and shielding him with my body. Trying to find the strength to get up and run away. Knowing now that these men were going to kill me. Finally learning what the hard way meant. I heard steps behind me and another shot rang out, there was pain in my head and a feeling of falling. Then nothing but blackness.

When I woke up Dr Rivet was next to me. I’m not sure whether that was reassuring or not. I also saw Mr. Cole standing behind him with his gun out. I think I was on the floor. I could hear shots further up the stairs, so I figured that we weren’t out of the woods yet. Part of me just didn’t really care anymore. I asked Dr. Rivet if I was going to turn into a zombie now. He assured me I wasn’t. With a shock I realized my arms were empty. The child was gone. I looked at Dr. Rivet and I must of mumbled because he asked me to repeat myself. I asked him where the little boy was. He said what little boy….

Session 9

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Mr. Cole disappeared into the smoke and came back carrying the little boy. He hung limply in Mr. Cole’s arms and I feared the worst had happened. After a little bit, the gun fire stopped and Mr. Grim emerged from the smoke. Smoke…. now that I think about it why was there smoke there… I don’t think anybody set a fire. He was carrying Mr. Barclay who was unconscious and was bleeding a lot. Dr. Rivet looked at Mr. Barclay and said we needed to get down to the engine room as quickly as possible.

Things seemed oddly quiet after all the noise of the gunfight, then we heard it.. RCCs. Muffled behind the doors but there seemed to be 1000s of them. It seemed like they were trying to get in from every deck. The doors started making groaning, cracking noises. I guess the noise from the fire fight must of attracted them. Dr. Rivet hoisted me up his arms, Mr. Barclay was carried by Mr. Grim, and Mr. Cole had the little boy and we made are way quickly down the stairs. I wasn’t very comfortable with Dr. Rivet carrying me but I didn’t want to cause any trouble and slow us down. When we got the deck with the Walt Disney theater on it Mr. Grim and Dr. Rivet got into an argument. I guess there were still people in there and Mr. Grim wanted to get them out and Dr. Rivet’s priority was to get Mr. Barclay and me down to the engine room.

The problem was we didn’t have enough arms to carry everyone. I offered to walk but I was pretty much ignored. Finally they came up with a solution. Dr. Rivet carried me and the put the little boy in my arms and Mr. Cole carried Mr. Barclay. Mr. Grim went into the theater and released the people in there. I was relieved when they gave me the little boy, to feel him still breathing though he was unconscious. I hate to admit it but it was impressive the way Dr. Rivet carried both of us, rushing down the stairs to start treating us. Just when I was determined to hate the guy, he does something nice and heroic….I guess nobody can be an asshole all the time.

Amid the various questions of the other survivors and with the moans of the RCCs echoing behind us Dr. Rivet and Mr. Cole brought us to an unoccupied office and plopped me and the little boy down on a sofa and put Mr. Barclay on a desk. After making sure my leg was elevated, he checked on the little boy and decided he was stable. Mr. Cole took him from me and left the room. Then Jonathan came in. It was so sweet. He held my hand and talked to me while Dr. Rivet helped Mr. Barclay. I tried to explain in whispers to Jonathan that I didn’t want to be left alone with Dr. Rivet. It seemed kinda silly after he carried me down all those stairs but I couldn’t help it. He frightened me almost as much as Mr. Smith.

Then Dr. Rivet turned to Jonathan and asked him to leave because I was going to have to take my pants off. Jonathan didn’t particularly want to leave and though I was still afraid of Dr. Rivet I was embarrassed that Jonathan and Dr. Rivet would see me half naked. I tried to argue with Dr. Rivet that I didn’t need to take off my pants but he insisted that since I was shot in the leg, I would have to take off my pants. Jonathan asked what I wanted and I said that I thought it was ok. He left the room and I took off my pants. Dr. Rivet warned me that it was going to hurt… I took a pillow from the sofa and covered my face with it. He then poured a liquid on my wounds.

It felt like he was pouring liquid fire on my wounds. I know I started screaming again. I tried to muffle it with the pillow. Then he started digging into the wounds to get the bullets out. I screamed some more. After he was done with that torturous portion and finishing bandaging me, I got a chance to recover some breath. He then removed the pillow and he started looking at where I got shot in the head. Thankfully there was no bullet in there. He was able to use some stuff that made me feel all calm and floaty and numbed me as he looked at the wound. Part of me wondered why he hadn’t used any of it before. But I lost that thought as he started describing what he saw like my skull had gotten chipped… I remember asking him if that was a bad thing and he told me it was. Stupid of course it’s a bad thing though at the time it seemed like a perfectly reasonable question. He started stitching up my head. I really don’t want to look in a mirror right now. He said he was doing his best so I won’t have a scar. After he was done he pulled a blanket over me to cover my legs and told Jonathan he could come in.

Jonathan rushed in and to give him credit, he didn’t recoil in horror when he saw me. He asked me if I needed anything. Behind him the whole cheerleader troop minus Dillon and Sarah came pouring in. They were so nice. Deborah didn’t even make a catty comment about my outfit or lack of one. We talked a bit, I didn’t say much I just had a feeling of floaty happiness seeing them and listening to them talk. Being a live. I still felt like I was floating and I felt so tired. We started talking about getting me some pants and I started looking around for my bag when Mr. Grim made a general announcement that all non injured people were supposed to meet in the room where they make things… ummm yeah the fabrication room or something like that.

Patricia stayed to keep me company but the rest went to see what was up. I found my bag but Patricia had already found her cheerleader skirt and I was too tired to go looking through my bag so I put that on. I must look great a camisole and cheerleader skirt half covered in blood with stitches in my head and bandages on my leg. I really could use a hot shower though that would hurt and of course a comb… i don’t know how far back the stitches go.

I could barely hear a lot of talking down there and it sounded like some people were getting a little angry but I couldn’t hear any details. I was so glad Patricia stayed with me, it was nice hearing her talk about things. Plans when we finally got home and out of this nightmare. We both agreed that we were never going on another Disney Cruise again.

I think I must of dosed in and out of consciousness because I was suddenly startled awake by a scream in the room next door. I struggled awake and looked around. I felt kind of nauseous and tired still. I think whatever the dr had given me had started to wear off because my head and leg began to ache and I was having trouble focusing. Everything seemed to have a haze about it. We heard a noise and some shouts out in the hall and moans.. OMG a RCC was in our area. How had it gotten in. It didn’t take much time and the moans stopped. I think both Pat and I breathed a sigh of relief and I was trying to get up and see what was going on when the most horrible screams started in the room next door and a horrible thunking sound.

Mr. Barclay pulled himself off the desk at this point and wearily limped out of the room to see what was going on. In his underwear…. O…M….G…. He left the blanket that was covering him behind. Patricia looked at me…grabbed a chair and propped so that it jammed the door. She took out her sharpened toothbrush and I started looking through my discarded pants for my extenda baton. Soon there was silence and that was almost worst then the screams. At the sound of obviously non RCC voices out in the hall, Pat unbraced the doorway and looked out. She turned a little green. I could hear Dr. Rivet and another gentleman were arguing out in the hall. They were talking about going to the medical center.

I guess there was someone who desperately needed a blood transfusion and they needed someone to go up to the medical center to get some equipment. I volunteered to help. I felt so useless just lying here. I felt awful but maybe helping would help.. I tried not to look like I was hurting and I tried not look like I was leaning on the door jamb. Dr. Rivet gave me assessing look and told me that I needed to get permission from Mr. Bernstein and Miss Helms. This made me almost burst into tears because Coach wasn’t there but I choked it down because I wanted to go.

I quickly went in search of my chaperones. I tried my best to hide my limping as I approached Miss Helms. She was unconvinced that I should go. We went in search of Mr. Bernstein. He seemed pretty sure I shouldn’t but I practically begged him and he finally relented and decided to talk to the Dr. Rivet. When we got there Dr. Rivet, Mr. Grim, and Mr. Barclay were all talking about a plan. Mr. Bernstein started talking to them about it and it looked like he was slowly being convinced to let me go but then it was mentioned that they had been trying to give me up to the agents.

Suddenly Mr. Bernstein got very concerned and I knew the tide had turned. He wasn’t going to allow it. Mr. Bernstein turned to me and told me to go away. They gave me a list of numbers to call to keep me busy and then they all walked off to talk. I gave a long dramatic sigh to let them know how i felt about this. Maybe I can call in Cameron‘s room to see how he’s doing. I should also check on Pat, she looked kinda green and of course I can see what Jonathan‘s doing…. I just wish I didn’t feel so tired and my head didn’t hurt so much.

Session 10

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Gossip certainly gets around fast. I was busy making the phone calls and getting a better response then I anticipated. Though it was scary the amount of areas that didn’t pick up. Our best success seemed to be those people who had grouped together for protection. There were not a lot of people in cabins. The worst times were when people answered and you heard them getting attacked, knowing that there was nothing you could do to save them. There was the constant worry of the sound of the phone drawing the RCCs as well. At one point Cameron woke up and started getting up. He gave me a hug that felt really good and went out to help make weapons or watch the doors or whatever everyone else was doing.

Well back to the gossip, I guess Jonathan and Pat had heard that I had been planning to give myself up to the agents. To say the least they disagreed with that solution to the problem. They didn’t come up with another solution but they strongly felt the adults weren’t to be trusted and weren’t really thinking things through. I decided to refrain from telling them that Dr. Rivet had threatened me to get me to give myself up and that they did not let me say goodbye. They had a low enough opinion of the adults without me adding to it. And I felt an odd kind of loyalty or something, maybe I was just tired but I found myself defending them.

I tried to explain that people were getting hurt and dieing because of the agents and that giving me up was a way to save people without blood shed. But they weren’t buying it. They even complained about Mr. Bernstein and Miss Helms. According to Jonathan,Mr. Bernstein was acting weird and Miss Helms was not her self. I think it’s the stress of whats going on that’s got to everyone. How could anybody be prepared for something like this. Jonathan and Pat had heard that I was planning on going on the trip to the medical supply office (damn news travels fast I hadn’t even heard if I was going or not) and they had decided since we can’t trust the adults then one of them would go with me. I got the feeling they felt the adults were using me.

It terrified me and made me happy all at the same time them coming with me. Maybe it was because I felt so super tired I couldn’t really express how much their concern meant to me… yes I know me .. who never seems to shut up not being able to find the right words. I was reduced to embarrassed stammering. I tried to convince them not to go because they might get hurt but they insisted that at least one of them should be with me. I couldn’t choose, so Jonathan volunteered to go. I didn’t want to bring him. How could I survive if he got bit or killed. How could I sit there and watch him die of the sickness from a bite. It takes so little for someone to die and it happens so fast. I wish I could keep him safe down in the engine room. I don’t want to loose Jonathan. Part of me was relieved too though. I have always felt safe with Jonathan. I know he would never ever drop me, he would always catch me and I know he would always do his best to protect me… but that’s a scary thought to..Oh god.

Soon Mr. Barclay knocked on the door, thankfully dressed, and asked if I was ok with going. I pulled myself together and started grabbing my stuff to go. I made sure the adults knew that Jonathan was coming with us. I guess Lisa was going as well. I was surprised that Mr. Grim would let her come with us but with all the tragedies that have happened maybe he felt the safest place for her was by his side even if it was in a RCC infested hallway.

They also asked if any of us had any music on our various devices so that we could play them over the intercom to cover the sound of us sneaking around. I was hesitantly going to give up my iphone but then Jonathan, again being the hero jumped in and gave up his. I really don’t deserve him as a friend. He started explaining his iphone to Mr. Grim. I’m not exactly sure why he was explaining it since Pat was the one who was going to play it but it was probably good for Mr. Grim to know this stuff.

As we moved out into the hallway Taylor Swift’s voice echoed through the whole entire ship. Oh oh oh I almost hugged and kissed Jonathan. I love this song….I’m humming it now.

It always makes me think of ♥♥Scott♥♥. OMG OMG OMG Scott… I haven’t thought about him in hours. I’m such a bad girlfriend :( and I was just thinking of hugging and kissing Jonathan… and Cameron’s hug was so nice earlier… the world goes to hell and I turn into a slut :(.

Mr. Grim gave Jonathan a look that said really… this is on your iphone. Obviously Mr. Grim doesn’t recognize good music.

As I was writing, before my temporary mental melt down and guilt trip, we snuck up stairs. We had to fight a few RCCs going up the stairs and when we opened the door we had to clear a few out of the hall before it was safe to enter. Unfortunately my luck dealing with the RCCs seems to have ran out. I could not hit one to literally save my life. I was lucky the others dealt with them so quickly. I just feel so tired and my wounds are aching something fierce. I did’t want to tell Dr. Rivet they were hurting me… he might of tried to cut something off.. Oh I shouldn’t of written that. Thank god it’s in my diary and since Carl is safe on the mainland, no one else will read it and see how awful and snarky I am. I was really afraid of him pouring more alcohol on me… couldn’t he have found some hydrogen peroxide. It’s probably not as effective as rubbing alcohol but it would be a lot less painful.

We slowly made our way down the hall and Mr. Grim used the mirrors in the hallways to look around the corners. Heading toward the medical bay the hallway was clear, but going the other way… toward Addison’s room the area was packed with RCCs. Oh yeah after we were done with the medical center it was decided to go to Addison’s room to rescue her and her sick son because their cabin was very close to the medical center. Looking at the packed hallway with no real cover…. I don’t think I was the only one nervous about the attempted rescue. We made our way silently the opposite direction toward the medical bay and were able to get inside without alerting any of the RCCs. Inside we found 2 RCCs that we killed. One of them was dragging a bed rail behind it as it made it’s way towards us. We also found a bunch tied to beds that we killed as well. Then we started to loot.

We filled duffel bags full of as much stuff as we could carry. Dr. Rivet gave us each individual assignments. My assignment was to get latex gloves and needles. He made sure I knew to grab all the different sizes of latex gloves but to grab more of the medium because that was his size. Needles he didn’t give me any instructions for so I tried to pack as much as I could in. I did take the time to remind Dr. Rivet that he should grab some medicine with no penicillin in it for Sarah. He thanked me for reminding him with very concealed annoyance. Hey it’s my job to take care of them and I’ve been doing a shitty job so far. I can at least remember Sarah’s penicillin allergy.

Dr. Rivet did hand me a bottle of my medication and told me that it had dropped out of my bag after I was shot and he had meant to give it to me earlier but he had been busy. He said he had found a few months of my medication in the medical bay as well and showed me where he was keeping it. It was nice of him to check on that for me. Part of me was very very very tempted to take a pill right then, they always make me feel so good and energetic… but I refrained. Dr. Nixon had made sure I knew I could only take them once a day because they could be dangerous pills. But I feel so tired….

The adults decided the best course was to take the medicine back down to the engine room and use the phones in some of the empty rooms to lure the RCCs away from Mrs. White’s door. It worked and when we got up to the hallway again Mr. Cole was able to sneak down the hallway and sneak Mrs. White and her child and some of their stuff back down the hallway to us. I almost cheered when they made it back to us without any of the RCCs seeing us. I’m glad I didn’t.

When we got back down to the engine room Dr. Rivet insisted that I go to sleep. I went to Sarah‘s room and made a pillow out of my overnight bag and laid down. Deborah and Claude were in there playing cards. Before I fell a sleep I felt Pat curl up next to me and I heard Jonathan lay down near by. So this is me signing off for now. It’s been an awfully long day.

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