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July 22, 2013

Dear Diary,

We made it!!! We have escaped. Approximately 250 of us have made it out alive!!!!! I know that’s nothing compared to the number of people on that ship. The death toll is huge. I hope that everyone alive made it out… I hate the idea of people still trapped in there. But I’m so relieved that any of us made it out after what I saw.

I will never ever ever ever ever take for granted a shower again. Mr. Barclay was officially a saint and a genius and a hero. He did some mechanical stuff and rigged a makeshift shower. It was painful and my head and leg are still aching but it was so wonderful feeling clean again. Wonderfully, beautifully clean. Between that and taking my medication I was feeling pretty good if I just could ignore the pain. I took some time and rinsed out my dress, the engineering outfit, and my underwear in some cool water and hung it up in the bathroom. Hopefully the dress will be ok and the engineering outfit will be wearable as well because I don’t know when I’ll be able to get a change of clothes. I put on a new engineering work outfit and I saw other people scavenging in the lockers for clothes. Some of the women were cutting up the clothes and making diapers out of them. Which gave me an idea.

I started cutting off the pants legs, getting rid of the bullet holes to make shorts. See if I get shot in the leg next time i won’t have to take off my pants of course hopefully there won’t be a next time. :)I was luckier then most since I had at least some sort of change of clothes with me because of the sleep over. Hopefully we can scavenge enough stuff from here so that people can have a change of clothes and be more comfortable. After I had cleaned it I gave Pat back her skirt. I kept the cloth from the pants leg and gave it to the women making diapers. I even helped them clean some of the soiled ones in the toilet so at least they would get some bleaching. Icky.

I could hear people still working in the fabrication room making weapons… How many weapons are we going to need? Eventually Mr. Barclay came and gathered me up again. I guess the plan was to go to the bridge this time and they actually needed me to figure out how to use some of the equipment up there. Kinda cool if you think about it and awful. Dr. Rivet did not join us on this trip.

It was like a nightmare getting to the bridge. There were RCCs evvvvveeeerrryyyywhhhheeerrree. Massive hoards of them. I was really getting scarred and I was afraid that there was no way to get up to the bridge. I went up deck after deck and everywhere we looked there were hoards of RCCs. We even went up to deck 10 with the idea of rappelling down to the bridge and entering through the windows. When we got there, at first it seemed empty but as we moved towards the area above the bridge we saw hundreds of RCCs milling around up there. Mr. Cole thought that we might be able to jump down to the nets that went near the deck and then rappel down from there. The others thought that was too risky. To be honest, crawling over that net kinda seemed like fun.. I bet it would be quite thrilling. But I’m not known for my sense.

It was decided that we would use a dummy that Mr. Cole created to distract the RCCs so that we could sneak by them to the bridge. We radioed to the engine room and had them turn off the music so the RCCs would hear the dummy. We then were able to sneak by it to get to the bridge door only to find out it was barricaded. When Mr. Cole and Jonathan tried to force it open, it made a horrendous screeching noise that could be heard everywhere. Belatedly we asked the people in the engine room to turn the music on again but it couldn’t drowned out the horrible screeching noise that was leading RCCs right to us.

When the door was a little more open I tried to squeeze through it.It was a tight squeeze and I was running the risk of re opening some of my wounds but contorting my body into impossible positions is something I have always been good at so I was able to squeeze through the door with a flourish of course and help remove the barricade so that it was easier for them to push it open. I didn’t even hurt myself. Once we got in we were quick to re-barricade the door. Just in time really because we soon heard the RCCs hammering at it. The hammering was soon echoed by more hammering at the door that lead to the stairs. I guess the RCCs in the stairway must of heard us as well.

Thankfully between the barricade and the strength of the door the RCCs didn’t get in. I immediately went to work trying to figure out how to control the audio system in the ship. The others got busy as well. There was a moment when we realized that we were completely surrounded by RCCs with no way out. There was some talk of rappelling down to one of the balconies but we soon figured out we were pretty isolated. It became clear that our best bet was to draw the RCCs away using the alarm system. I just hoped it would work or we were stuck… At one point I saw Mr. Grim and Lisa looking at security footage. I guess he was looking for his son. I was happy I wasn’t looking at it. I’m sure that there was a lot of stuff that they saw there that would be hard to forget. Mr. Cole and Mr. Barclay worked at lowering the escape boats down to the water. Jonathan was a comforting presence near me and he kept an eye on the doors. It didn’t take too long to figure out the system and we were successful in using the alarm system to draw the hoard away from us.

While I was waiting for the others to get done I leafed through some documents in there… some type of user manual. There was a lot of information about the Disney way and stuff like that. I did learn one thing of interest the alarms could be controlled in the engine room which meant I guess we could maybe help some of the people get out.

Mr. Barclay came up with a plan to use the alarms to lure the RCCs to either side of the ship letting people know using the intercom system to make their way to the water so that we could pick them up with the life boats. With the massive amounts of RCCs wandering around it was decided it would be a death mission to try to clear them out and send rescue parties. We made our way back and thankfully we made it back to the engine room without anyone getting injured. Then using the system in the engine room we lured the RCCs away from the escape route and got almost everyone out of the engine room off the ship except for a few of us… one less then we thought.

Mr. Barclay was supposed to stay with us on the ship to make the announcements but he ended up not coming back. I don’t know what happened but he ended up being evacuated so I made the announcements and used the alarms to herd the RCCs. When we had gotten through with the few of us left evacuated as well. Jonathan had to swim with me because I had trouble when i hit the salt water. Damn it stung. Dr. Rivet insisted that i was on his boat and Jonathan joined me there. Pat was there as well. Sarah and Tammie were there with us and Cameron and his father, who had escaped during our distraction. I’m hoping his mom made it out on another ship. Because Desirae is on board Mr. Barclay Jr. is in charge of our boat. In all we got approximately 250 people off the cruise. I hope there was no one left there. So now we head north.

We are heading toward home.

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Tabitha Journal 7

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