Tabitha's 20 Questions

Question 1) What is your Character’s Sex?


Question 2) What color is your Character’s hair, eyes, and skin?

Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, creamy colored skin lightly tanned

Question 3) Where was your character born?

Norwood, North Carolina

Map of norwood nc

Question 4) What is your character’s date of birth?

February 28,1997

Question 5) What was your character’s family life like?

Tabitha lives with her parents and 2 older brothers in a very nice home in Norwood.


Her dad, Bryan Ross, is a very well off upstanding member of the community, who owns the Norwood Manufacturing Company. He expects a lot of his children. He is also known to drag all his children along on hunting trips with the family dog, Ammo Ross, whether they want to or not. Her mom,Suzanne Ross, was a teacher at the Norwood Elementary school but retired just before the birth of their first son, David, and has only recently started considering going back to college to pursue some of her own interests since her youngest child is 16.

David Ross is the eldest son at age 24 and is going to Harvard working to get a law degree. Alan Ross, is the second eldest at age 22, and he is working on a business degree at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. While he lives in a dorm at the University, he does take time to visit often and he works at the Norwood Manufacturing Company. Jeffrey Ross weighs in at 20 years of age and is currently living at home after getting kicked out of the University of North Carolina. Tabitha’s dad is not speaking to him and it is only through their mom’s interference that he has been allowed to set up his own place above the detached garage. Tabitha’s dad keeps threatening to kick him out if he doesn’t do something with his life and get a job. Finally, the youngest son is Carl Ross. At age 18, he’s a senior at South Stanly High School and is planning on getting into college with a sport’s scholarship. He’s biggest passion is with sports and hunting and has a dream of becoming a famous survivalist like Grim Walker.

The family also has a cabin between the Uwharrie National Forest and the Morrow Mt State Park where they often go for family vacations.

Norwood 1

When everything is said and done, Tabitha has had a very secure and protected life. Her parents though demanding have always supported her and encouraged. They have put pressure on her to succeed at whatever she tries and that it’s important to keep up the family image. Her brothers are all a bit over protective though loving.

Question 6) Has the character started his own family?

Tabitha has not started on her own family though she has a boyfriend Scott Miller. Though they are an item neither one of them have really thought about the future, though they are happy together.

Question 7)Where or how was your character educated?

Tabitha Ross attends high school at South Stanly High School Norwood, North Carolina. She is a Junior in High School taking Chemistry, Trigonometry, Government, English 1A, French, and Gym. Tabitha also participates in several extra curricular activities, including: Cheer leading, Swim team, Chess Club, Yearbook Committee, Student Body Junior Officer, School Committee Member etc…

Question 8) Describe your character’s Moral code?

Tabitha does not have a solid moral code. She would say she’s a good person but she’s never had it tested. She doesn’t like seeing others being mistreated or picked on, which has gotten her in to trouble a few times in school not to mention with the other members of her cheer leading squad.

Question 9) Are there certain thing’s your character can’t or won’t do? Why?

At this point in her life… their are quite a few things Tabitha won’t do all based on societal norms. She doesn’t steal, she doesn’t murder or assault people… though she will defend herself. Once society has changed, I can see her holding on to some basic ideals at first but those ideals might be broken down under the duress of surviving in a zombie plague. One thing I know she will not do is rape or torture.

Question 10) What things, people or ideas does your character hate?

Tabitha hates bullies. She hates people who hurt and abuse those they deem weaker and more vulnerable then themselves.

Question 11) What things, people or ideas does your character love?

Tabitha likes to succeed against a challenge… She loves a challenge and the rush of adrenaline she feels when she succeeds at it. She loves her family, Scott, and her two best friends Tammy and Patricia.

Question 12) What do you think is your character’s best quality?

Tabitha’s desire to defend and help those that she feels need it.

Question 13) What do you think is your character’s worst quality?

Her worst quality is that she’s a bit silly and she hasn’t quite figured out what to do with herself yet allowing her family and friends to dictate many of her decisions.

Question 14) If your character’s family is still alive, what do they do and where do they live?

Most of Tabitha’s family live in Norwood, North Carolina. The only exceptions is David who is living in student housing at Harvard and Alan, who is living in a dorm at the University of North Carolina. Her mom is a house wife but is currently looking into going to a college and her dad is the owner of the Norwood Manufacturing Company.


Bryan Ross, Tabitha’s dad, also has a brother, Joel Ross. Uncle Joel is single and works as a truck driver. Bryan tries to tempt his brother with a job at his company but Uncle Joel says his not ready to settle down yet.

Tabitha also has 2 living grandparents, all retired. In Springdale, South Carlina, Esther Bishop or Granny lives. Walter Ross or Poppa, who retired to Puuwai, Hawaii but visits the family regularly.

Question 15) List any past serious relationships that your character had, and give a brief description of the relationship.

Tabitha has had one past serious relationship before Scott. It was with Richard Ratliff who she met at a dance Patricia convinced her to go to. He was a freshman in college and they went out for a few months. She broke it off with him when she felt he was getting too serious about their relationship and pressuring her, making her feel stifled.

Question 16 – Leading Question #17) You are incredibly afraid of dogs. What happened to cause this fear?

When Tabitha was 5 years old her dad took her to his friend’s, David Allen, house. David is a trainer of guard dogs. While they were driving, Tabitha’s dad gave her specific instructions on how to behave around the dogs. Specifically she was told not to say certain command words. Being a precocious young child, Tabitha slipped away during a moment of her father‘s inattention and went out to the yard to look at the dogs… Out of curiosity she proceeded to use all the command phrases that she wasn’t supposed to use. One of dogs, a large doberman, broke loose and actually attacked. Fortunately her father and Mr. Allen intervened and Tabitha was rushed to the hospital to get a cast and stitches. Ever since that time Tabitha has been deathly afraid of dogs. She is ok with her dad’s hunting dog Ammo, but she is not comfortable around him.

Question 17 – Leading Question #26) You have the same nightmare almost every night. Describe the nightmare.

Every night Tabitha’s sleep is interrupted by the same nightmare. She’s running, barefoot, down a long corridor lined with doors. There are growls and screams all around her, especially from behind her. All the doors are locked and there is a sense of foreboding from all of them. She’s never sure what is chasing her. When she was younger she always thought it was a pack of dogs but as she has grown older the growls have grown indistinct. There are minor changes in the dream, what she is wearing or what the corridor looks like but the general structure of the dream is always the same.


Question 18 – Leading Question #27) What substance is your character addicted to?

Tabitha is addicted to Dextroamphetamine. She originally started taking it when she was 13 and was diagnosed with Narcolepsy when she started falling asleep in classes and during the day. Unfortunately she didn’t have narcolepsy and she has become addicted to Dex and takes it every morning to keep herself awake and focused during the day, especially since she now suffers from insomnia because of the Dex.

Question 19 – Leading Question #30) Where did your character learn your extensive computer/Electronics knowledge?

Tabitha has always been good with Electronics. After her accident with the dog she was stuck in doors for a while and she soon became restless. To keep her busy her mom tried various different indoor activities but nothing seemed to click until she started playing with electricity. She became fascinated with integrated circuits, transistors, and diodes and started to check books to explore this new subject matter. She embraced mathematics since it helped her understand what she was observing and all her science projects involved electronics. She has decided that when she gets out of school she is going to try for an electronic degree.

Question 20 – Leading Question #34) Describe how you met the President of the United States of America last year.

Tabitha’s dad was invited to participate in a convention in Washington D.C. hosted by the AIB (Academy of International Business)on June 30 -July 3rd. The convention’s focus was Rethinking the Roles of Business, Government and NGOs in the Global Economy. As a family treat, the entire family joined him there for a vacation and while they were on a tour of the White House they were honored to meet the President and the First Lady.

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Tabitha's 20 Questions

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