The Viral Outbreak Protection Agency (V.O.P.A) was formed in 1984 a subdivision of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (F.E.M.A). The Parent organization for both F.E.M.A and V.O.P.A is Homeland Security.

V.O.P.A is a fully funded agency of the United States Government. Its primary agents are scientists, typically Shelter stickerBiologists, chemists and medical doctors. While V.O.P.A’s mandate allows it to call upon local, State and Federal law enforcement agents, V.O.P.A does employ three Regiments of soldiers. These Soldiers are active United States Military personnel of various branches. These Military Personnel are still apart of the U.S. Military, but answer to V.O.P.A and not the normal military structure. V.O.P.A also employs a number of Homeland Security Agents.

The Primary duty of V.O.P.A is to protect the United States population from outbreaks of pandemic diseases. V.O.P.A works with F.E.M.A, Homeland Security, the center for Disease Control (C.D.C), and the world health organization to classify, and reduce the risk of contagious diseases.

When the Zombie outbreak first occurred, V.O.P.A went into action immediately. V.O.P.A, with Presidential approval, took control of most of the Federal agencies to combat the viral outbreak. At first, V.O.P.A ordered the “sick” to be quarantined in special “Camps” designed to hold citizens who have been infected. Second, V.O.P.A encouraged citizens to travel to the “Big Cities”, such as Atlanta, Washington, D.C, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc. V.O.P.A began setting up large relief centers in these cities.

At first V.O.P.A seemed to be well equipped to handle the outbreak, but the virus traveled too quickly for V.O.P.A to contain. Soon the cities were overrun with Zombie Virus and V.O.P.A was forced to abandon them. Millions of people died in the cities.

V.O.P.A continues to fight the Zombie virus, but now does so from small isolated bases. V.O.P.A has been spending most of its time and resources researching a “cure” for the Zombie Virus, so most people have not seen a V.O.P.A Agent for a while now.
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V.O.P.A does send out patrols to look for survivors. If survivors are located, they are encouraged to relocate to one of V.O.P.A’s secure protection bases. When a community of survivors is located and decides not to relocate a V.O.P.A agent is stationed with the community to assist them as needed.

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