Campaign of the Month: June 2013

Rise of the Dead

Adventure Log

Character Journals

Chapter I: …in a hand basket!

Session: Title: Date Played:
Session 1 The Disney Magic 2/1/13
Session 2 Initial Outbreak pt. 1 2/8/13
Session 3 Initial Outbreak pt. 2 2/15/13
Session 4 The Crash 3/1/13
Session 5 Safety in Numbers 3/6/13
Session 6 Into the Bowels of Hell 3/8/13
Session 7 Hurray the Government is here! 3/15/13
Session 8 Sacrifice the cheerleader, save the… 3/22/13
Session 9 Dr. Rivet. I am her Husband! 3/27/13
Session 10 Escaping the cruise ship of death 4/1/13

Between Chapter Intrudes and scenes

Scene: Character
Night Terrors Tabitha Ross
Young Love Tabitha Ross
A Science Project Tabitha Ross
Interlude Grim Walker
The Loss of a son Grim Walker
Proud of You Howard Barclay
My relationship with Adam Cooper Howard Barclay
Lost Love Dr. Marc Rivet
Saving Lives Dr. Marc Rivet
Doing the Right Thing Kevin Cole

Chapter 2 Sweet Home North Carolina?

Session: Title: Date Played:
Session 11 Home sweet home? 5/11/13
Session 12 Moral Arguments 5/17/13
Session 13 Consequences 5/24/13
Session 14 Saving Lisa Part 1 5/31/13
Session 15 Saving Lisa Part 2 6/7/13
Session 16 Saving Lisa Part 3 6/21/13
Session 17 On the Road Part 1 6/28/13

Session 17
On the Road Part 1

The group finished loading up the cars to head toward the F.E.M.A. camp located near the town of Camp Fear. With the large number of survivors, the group was forced to take multiple cars. In the end they decided to take the two Cadillac Escalades, the Ambulance, Joel’s Big Rig and a Ford Cargo Van. They packed supplies in all the vehicles, enough to survive if a car was separated from the convoy, but the majority of the supplies were loaded into Joel’s Big Rig.

The plan was to head up to Elizabeth Town, near a national forest. Once there, Howard Jr. would take care of the survivors, while the group headed north to check out the F.E.M.A. Camp. With this plan in mind, the group drove up Highway 40 toward Wallace. The highway leading out of Wilmington was cluttered with wrecked and abandoned vehicles, and it took a while for the group to navigate out of the town. Once they were a few miles down the highway the obstacles lessened and they were able to drive faster. An hour into the journey Howard Jr., driving one of the Escalades heard a load pop as his back passenger tire blew. He quickly got on the radio and the convoy pulled off to the side of the road. Grim Walker, Howard Barclay, and Kevin Cole jumped out of their vehicles to assist Howard Jr. Looking around they noticed two dozen zombies roaming around the outskirts of the highway. The zombies had not noticed the group yet, the group knew it was only a matter of time.

Luckily for the group, the Escalade had a spare tire, the problem was that the tire was in the back and blocked by all the supplies they had stored there. Tabitha Ross got out of Joel’s Big Rig and ran over to help unload the car. Then a few of the zombies noticed the convoy and began moving toward it. Grim, Kevin and Howard drew their weapons to cover the vehicle while Tabitha unloaded the trunk to get at the spare tire. Dr. Rivet stepped out of the ambulance to see if his assistance was needed and noticed the zombies coming toward the caravan. The zombies attacked. A few of the zombies began attacking Joel in his Big Rig, but the height of the rig made it difficult to climb up on.

Seeing the zombies attack, Howard Jr. called out for group A to attack the zombies and told group B to defend the cars. The group had never witnessed how Howard Jr. dealt with problem while they were away from the survivors, but they realized now that he had organized the survivors into groups with different duties. Out of the car jumped James Lewis, Jonathon Peterson, David Fletcher and Edward Hamilton. They quickly headed out to engage the zombies. Grim, worried that they would be surrounded, shouted to them to stay by the vehicles, but they did not listen and moved off the highway to fight the zombies. Out of the other vehicles, Andrea Lipton, Cheryl Parker, Rick Garret and John Klein stepped out and took up defensive positions around the convoy, ready to intercept any zombies that got too close. As the group fought the zombies, Tabitha and Phil Turner cleared out the back to get to the spare tire.

The attack went well for the survivors and after a few minutes of intense combat, they were able to dispatch all of the zombies. Grim complimented Howard Jr. on how he had organized the survivors and the group began to replace the tire. The tire in the truck was a donut tire, not meant to be driven on for a long period of time, but the group figured they could get a tire off of an abandoned vehicle before the donut wore out. The group continued down the highway.

They drove for a few hours without incident until they were 20 miles outside of Wallace, North Carolina. Suddenly Joel noticed a large horde of zombies on the highway in front of them. The zombies were shambling down the freeway toward them leaving no way for the group to drive around them. Joel quickly got on the radio to ask for advice. The group discussed options for a few second, and finally decided to have Joel drive through the horde with his Big Rig. Joel was a little nervous, but thought he could do it with little problem. Joel picked up speed and raced toward the horde. He slammed into the zombies and at first had no problem running them over. Then a few of the zombies got stuck under the truck, and Joel began to lose control. A back tire blew and the truck jack knifed and rolled onto its side. The truck slide across the highway crushing zombies as it went. Joel and Tabitha were violently thrown around the cab. When the truck finally came to a stop, almost all of the zombies in the horde had been killed.

Howard, Kevin, Grim and Dr. Rivet jumped out of their cars to make sure Joel and Tabitha were alright. They were able to pick off the few remaining zombies and reached the cab without a problem. To their relief Joel and Tabitha were still alive although they were both very hurt. Grim and Howard pulled them from the cab while Dr. Rivet went back to the ambulance for medical supplies.

As Dr. Rivet raced back to the ambulance, he noticed three men on the side of the room. Dr. Rivet called out to Howard. One of the men stepped forward and introduced himself as Father Raymond and was dressed as a priest. Father Raymond introduced the other two men as Zachary and Michael. He told the group that he was in charge of a group of survivors who were held up in a small church a short distance from the highway. He explained that the sound of the crash would most likely draw more zombies to the area and offered to let the group sleep in the church overnight.

The group discussed it for a bit and in the end decided to take Father Raymond up on his offer. The group gathered what supplies they could carry and followed Father Raymond to his church as night began to fall.

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Session 16
Saving Lisa Part 3

Having survived the zombie general in the Surf City Hospital the group traveled down highway 17 back to the country club. Desirea had been bitten and succumbed to the fever. Lisa, while still alive, needed surgery and dialysis if she was to live. Howard continued to hide the fact that he was bite from the rest of the group, but he could already feel the virus coarse through his system. He knew it was only a matter of time before the fever came.

Session 15
Saving Lisa Part 2

The group stood on the narrow skywalk leading to the fourth floor of the hospital. The large priest zombie growled at his zombie minions, and then the zombies let out a horrific moan that caused Tabitha to break and run and the other members of the group to freeze with fright. The mass of zombies charged the group. The fight was the hardest the group had ever encountered. The zombies attacked relentlessly, but unlike normal, their attacks were not wild. Instead it appeared as if the priest was controlling the zombies and so they fought with tactics the group had never seen before.

Session 14
Saving Lisa Part 1

The group headed down highway 17 toward Surf City, hoping that they would be able to find a hospital with a dialysis machine to save young Lisa’s life. The highway was littered with abandoned cars and other obstacles. The lost count of how many times they had to stop and move obstructions from the road, or were forced to backtrack to a side road to avoid the blockages. In the end it took them well over three hours to drive to Surf City. By the time they arrived in the city it was close to sunset.

Session 13

Food equals survival in the apocalypse, and the group of survivors from the Disney Magic were running low. After everything they had been through, the survivors worried that it would be starvation that got them and not the zombies. Howard Jr. especially worried about the survivors. He was often called upon to lead the survivors while his father risked his life to find food and supplies. Despite his concern he put on a strong front for the survivors. They were counting on him and he was counting on his father’s group.

Having decided to head further out into the area, Grim left the house to find a suitable vehicle for their travels. Most of the cars in the area were taken by the residence as they fled to Raleigh, North Carolina. Grim found a lot of cars abandoned due to accidents, but eventually was able to find a couple of choices. He decided to take a Cadillac Escalade ESV. As he was siphoning gas from the surrounding cars, Howard came out to help him.

Session 12
Moral Arguments

Having been unable to find supplies at the fish market, the group boarded their life boats and traveled down through Howard’s Channel hoping to locate more supplies inland. They were able to locate a large, affluent neighborhood right on the shore. Each house on the shore had its own dock and private boat. The group was hopeful that this may be a place where they can find the food and supplies they needed to survive.

The group docked near the furthest house on the shore. Howard Barclay, Grim Walker, Dr. Rivet and Kevin Cole decided to explore the houses while the rest of the survivors remained near the boats in case they needed to leave quickly. Tabitha, still affected by the incident at the fish market, decided to stay behind on the boat. Lisa Walker, also disturbed by the incident, stayed as well.

Session 11
Home Sweet Home?

The survivors of the Disney Magic cruise ship were battered by multiple storms over the course of 21 days. The navigation skills of Howard Barclay, Howard Barclay Jr. and Grim Walker kept their ships from getting too far into the Atlantic. Sadly the vicious storms knocked most of the ships off course. Only three boats remained together. Through stubbornness and sheer willpower the survivors made it through the storms to finally spot land.

Session 10
Escaping the Cruise Ship of Death

Tabitha Ross sat in the office with the other cheerleaders calling various parts of the ship, desperately trying to find survivors. She was able to contact a number of survivors and explained to them that the group was planning a way to get everyone off the ship; they just needed to hang on a little longer. Tabitha was heartbroken at the limited number of people she was able to contact. Most of the survivors were sheltered in secluded areas of the ship in small groups. The worst part of Tabitha’s job was the few times that someone would answer the phone, screaming for help, and Tabitha could only listen to them die as the zombies attacked. She hated the helpless feeling, but continued to call, hoping to save as many people as she could.

Session 9
Dr. Rivet. I am her Husband!

Smoke from the agent’s grenade filled the stairwell. Dr. Rivet stood over Tabitha tending to her wounds. Dr. Rivet looked up to see Kevin Cole carrying the small child toward him. Dr. Rivet checked the child and found him to be in good health despite the fall. Soon after, Grim carrying Howard emerged from the smoke. Both were bloody and wounded.

Kevin carried the child, and Grim carried the unconscious Howard, while Dr. Rivet helped Tabitha down the stairs. They moved slowly at first, until they began to hear the moans. Hundreds of zombies, drawn to the stair well by the firefight, began banging on the doors. The group could tell that the noise came from almost every level. It was only a matter of time, before the zombies sheer weight would break the doors in. The group quickly fled down the stair as fast as the injured allowed.