Captain Mathew Rogers

Commander of V.O.P.A Bases


Captain Mathew Rogers is 5’11" tall. He is 66 years old with white hair and a white mustache.


Captain Mathew Rogers was born in Billings Montana in 1947. He joined the Marines in 1965. Between 1967 and 1970 he survived 36 major combat operation in Vietnam. He fought in numerous other war and skirmishes throughout his career.

In 2007, as he was about to retire from the Marine Corp, he was approached by Colonel Bradley Cross and the Homeland Security. He was explained the situation with the Zombie Virus and was asked to take command of the V.O.P.A (Viral Outbreak Protection Agency) F.E.M.A (Federal Emergency Management Agency) camps dealing with a possible outbreak of the Virus. Rogers agreed and for the next six years he dedicated his life to V.O.P.A.

Captain Rogers’ Primary duties are to over seen V.O.P.A’s primary base in Mount Evans, Colorado, as well as all F.E.M.A camps dedicated to V.O.P.A throughout the U.S.

Captain Mathew Rogers

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