Dr. William Brown

Lead Research Scientist of V.O.P.A


Dr. Brown is a 43 Year old Man. He stand 5’6" tall. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He hair is starting to recede and he wears prescription glasses.


Dr. William Brown was born in 1970 , in Los Angeles, California. William had a tough childhood. As a “science Nerd,” he was always picked on and bullied. He was completely ridiculed through his entire high school career. This treatment has stayed with him his entire life, cause anger issues that he has been unable to control.

In 1995, William Graduated with a Ph.d in Micro Biology from Standford University. After his Graduation, William was recruited by Dr. Margaret Taggart to work for F.E.M.A on the Rex84 project. During this time he worked with both Dr. Margaret Taggart and Dr. Charles Bernstein.

When the Rex84 team was transferred to Homeland Security to work for [[V.O.P.A. | V.O.P.A.]], William went with them. He was apart of the primary team with Dr. Margaret Taggart and Dr. Charles Bernstein and worked with them until Dr. Charles Bernstein left [[V.O.P.A. | V.O.P.A.]]. William continued to work with Dr. Margaret Taggart.

When the Zombie Outbreak occured, William was stationed at the [[V.O.P.A. | V.O.P.A.]] base in Colorado With the lose of Dr. Margaret Taggart and Dr. Charles Bernstein, William has become the chief scientist for [[V.O.P.A. | V.O.P.A.]].

Dr. William Brown

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