First Mate Adam Cooper

First Mate of the Disney Magic


Adam Cooper Stands 6’2" tall. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He is physically fit.


Adam Cooper was born in Austin, Texas in 1982. Adam has always loved the ocean. His family often went out into the Gulf on boating trips. It was not a surprise when he joined the Navy at 18. Adam served for four years and left the Navy in 2004.

After leaving the Navy, Adam was hired my the Walt Disney Corporation and served on the Disney Wonder for almost 8 years. Adam started as a Bridge member, but was quickly promoted to First Officer. In 20012 he transferred to the Disney Magic, his hope is to become Captain once Captain Oliver Roberts retires.

Adam is known throughout the cruise line as a harsh man. He is difficult to get along with and the crew members hate him with a passion. Disney and Captain Oliver Roberts has so far ignored the way Adam treats the crew because he gets results.

First Mate Adam Cooper

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