Huang-Fu "Hank" Anderson

Disney Magic Chief Engineer


Hank is a young Asian male who stands 5’6" and weighs 143lbs. He has lightly tanned skin and dark black hair. He speaks both Mandarin and English fluently.


Huang-Fu or Hank as he is more commonly called is the eldest son of Sean Anderson and Lee Anderson. He has a younger brother Jordan Anderson. Hank is currently working as the Chief Engineer on the Disney Magic cruise line.

Hank has been the Chief Engineer of the Disney Magic for the last 10 years. He is loyal toCaptain Oliver Roberts and would do anything for the man. On the other hand Hank hates First Mate Adam Cooper. The First Mate treats Hank like crap, constantly berating him. Hank is a good Engineer, but the First Mate always finds something wrong. If he doesn’t find something wrong, he will make something up to antagonize Hank.

Huang-Fu "Hank" Anderson

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