Sean Anderson


Sean is an older gentleman, 55 years old to be exact. He stands 5’9" and weighs 171lbs. He has almost full grey hair and grey eyes. Sean speaks Mandarin, English and Dutch fluently.


Sean was born to Dutch immigrant parents. He lived a poor life in the slums of New York city, growing up on the streets and back alleys. He lost his innocence at a young age and ran with a street gang in his youth. When he came of age he had worked his way into a position to get a scholarship. He went on to attend the University of New York and attain a Bachelor’s of Sciences in Nautical Engineering. His first job was with a firm in China. He picked up and moved and it was during this job he met his wife Lee. They had a child together and had one on the way when Sean decided that it would be best if they moved back to the US. When they settled in he eventually found work with a cruise line and then eventually found himself working for Disney and soon was promoted to part of the bridge crew. Sean believes he’s a year or two away from getting his own Captaincy.

Sean Anderson

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