Creating an apocalypse

I have always been a fan of Zombie movies. From Romero to Kirkman, I enjoy them all. I enjoy the campy zombie movies, but my real enjoyment is watching the characters interact with the world and grow as they survive through the nightmare caused by the undead.

Over the last few years, as a game master, I have been trying to rerun games and genres that I have failed at in the past. It seems that certain games give me trouble and I want to conquer those games. At the top of the “trouble games” is the Zombie Apocalypse. This is a genre that I have always wanted to run, but never tried. How can you run a Zombie game as a long term campaign? Wouldn’t killing zombie get boring after a while? How do I get the players to engage in the personal drama needed to make the game work? These are just a few of the questions I had.

I then had a realization. A Zombie game is not about the zombies. It’s about the characters. It was so basic; it made me laugh when I realized it. The Zombie apocalypse is just a Walkingdeadbackdrop. The real story is about the characters and how the deal with the loss of society.

After watching AMC’s The Walking Dead for two seasons and knowing that my turn to GM was coming up, I decided to jump in with both feet and give it a try. I first purchased War of the Dead by Daring Entertainment. This is an excellent Zombie campaign. Warofthedead
After reading through it, I realized that I wanted to do something a little different. At the same time, I really loved the idea of starting the game off on a cruise ship. So as usual I will take what I like and discard the rest.

So I have spent 3 months working on this game, but I am still nervous about it. If I can create memorable scenes, interesting NPCs and a fun story, I think it will work.

My players being the awesome people they are have already started adding a lot of detail to their characters and contributing to both the game and the wiki. We are all excited about this game. First game starts 2/1/13. This will either be a gigantic flop or a totally awesome game.

I am betting on Awesome!

Creating an apocalypse

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