Disney Cruise Lines

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The 4 Disney Cruise Line ships—with their distinctive designs and decorative gold swirls across their bows—inspire awe wherever they pull into port. Mixing grand elegance with an element of fun, the Disney Magic, the Disney Wonder, the Disney Dream, and the Disney Fantasy were created specifically with families in mind. Now, discover the enchanting delights of sailing to exotic destinations aboard ocean liners that have “something for everyone” built right in.

Each magnificent vessel brims—from bow to stern and deck to deck—with the restaurants, nightclubs, shops and recreational facilities that turn your cruise vacation into an unforgettable, pleasure-packed experience.

The Disney Magic

The Players have all planned a 7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise aboard the Disney Magic Cruise line. Some of the Characters are traveling on a Vacation with their families, while other Characters have won the cruise in a contest. But for all of the Character’s the 7 Night vacation will either save their lives or condemn them to the horrors of becoming the LIVING DEAD!

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Disney Cruise Lines

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