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July 19, 2013

Dear Diary,

Well we finally made it. We are finally on the Disney Magic. I’m happy I took my pill this morning.. I don’t think I would of made it through the day without it. Pat is still out dancing… I don’t know how she does it. We’ve had such a busy day. I can’t even think of where to begin…

Well lets start at the beginning…We boarded the Disney Magic… Its HUMONGOUS… It’s like a floating city I’m probably going to get lost in here… I’ve been trying to memorize the map… to make sure I know how to get around but well ..Its HUMONGOUS… We boarded and it took a while. We were behind this large family that took forever to board… One of the men from the big family… an older man talked to Mr. Bernstein while we were waiting. He seemed nice enough. Though someone in his party kept receive calls… Very loud cell phone.

Well we made it through the welcome and Coach Sylvester made sure we all knew what we where doing for the day… Oh I met another passenger while we where waiting his name was Cameron from Houston I think… well definitely from Texas.. He had that slow texas drawl going on that can be sooo sexy. He was really cute… I think Deborah was upset he was talking to me and not her because she made some catty remark about it not being cheating if it’s in a different state. So stupid … I just talked to the poor guy.. He was probably just bored and I was near by and he had the good sense not to talk to her… He seemed sad about something.. I hope he has fun during the trip he seemed pretty nice. Maybe I’ll see him again sometime though it seems like we are going to be pretty busy.

The first task we had to go through was the safety spiel. Our safety coordinator was Samantha Rollins. There was a lot of information about what we had to do in case of emergency and procedures we had to go through… Also they talked about how we are supposed to evacuate on the life boats… and if there is no electricity how the boats can be manually lowered though it sounds awful tricky. The life boats are huge… over 100 people can fit on them.. Wow!!!… They also talked about how to use the life vests. They sound just like the life vests on the plane. Another gentleman kept asking Ms. Rollins about fire equipment like axes and stuff. He looks familiar kinda like someone my brother likes.

After that we had to prepare to perform in the bon voyage celebration. That was so cool and exciting. Everyone was having a good time and was ready for vacation and cheering.. Then there was a dance party afterward. So much fun. I wish ♥Scott♥ and Tammy where here. I miss them.

After the party we were allowed some r&r time. I know Deborah teased me about it but I finally got to go down the slide. She said I was acting like a child. It is so cool. It looks like it was held up by giant Mickey Mouse hand. Here are some pictures of it.

Disney magic water slide

Slideshow 404590 b esavvy0419 a.jpg 783798

After Pat and Jon had gotten done with the slide we crashed at the edge of the pool and relaxed. I saw a strange thing when I was there. Mr. Bernstein was having some sort of argument with a man in a suit. It seems that they were upset that he left his old job or something. Seemed they needed his help with a problem or something. I’ve never seen Mr. Bernstein that upset before. Though when I asked him about it later he said everything was fine.

I was able to take some time to get some post cards for people. I got one for ♥Scott♥, my Mom and Dad, Gramps, and Grandma. I hope they like them… I have to find one for Tammy…. I’ll look tomorrow :).

For ♥Scott

For my Mom and Dad

For Gramps and I got the same one for Grandma. I thought they would like to see where we would be performing

That night we had dinner at Lumieres.

I was lucky to get Pat as one of my table mates or I would of been alone with a bunch of adults. My other table mates are Mr. Bernstein, Roger Parker, Cheryl Parker, and Nicole Parker. Also I guess the gentleman who Mr. Bernstein was talking to earlier in line. Not the one who made him angry. Is normally at our table but because it was his 40th anniversary he and his wife got to sit with the Captain. While he was talking to Mr. Bernstein another man came over. A Dr. Kelp, who seemed familiar with Mr. Bernstein came over and started talking to us as well. We were just in the middle of our main course (mine was the Grilled Beef Tenderloin) when poor Mr. Parker started collapsing and clutching his arm. The older man, I guess his name was a Mr. Barclay who had been visiting with Mr. Bernstein started to assist him.. I’m afraid I was pretty useless. Another guest came over from his table and started administering cpr.

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I guess he must of been a dr or something and he was able to save Mr. Parkers’ life. The ship’s dr. didn’t get there for a long time later. I was surprised that it took him so long. I was also surprised that none of the staff helped. I guess maybe they didn’t have training or something. After the ships dr had escorted poor Mr. Parker out with Mrs. Parker and little Nicole the whole dinner was very subdued. I can’t believe that he came so close to death. I think I’ll buy him some get well flowers tomorrow after breakfast. Flowers make everyone feel better. :)

We went to the stack after dinner. There, Melissa greeted us and gave us semi smart phones that allow us to see activities and maps of the ship and text. It’s very cool. The stack was pretty much a big hang out area with sofa’s and computers and TVs and a small dance floor. It was fun to hang out with Pat, Jonathan, and Dillon up there. I even danced a little with Jonathan. I also saw that boy Cameron that I had met in line. He looked a little lonely and I’m hoping he’s having a good time. Maybe I should introduce him to one of the other girls, he’s awfully cute.

Sigh I still can’t sleep. I went out and wandered around the deck. At least it’s more fun here not to be able to sleep then it is at home. I don’t even have to be as quiet. Though there is no ♥Scott♥ to sneak out to. I miss ♥him♥.. I can’t believe I won’t see ♥him♥ for another few days. I wasn’t the only one wondering around. I didn’t notice anyone I knew…Well I’m going to try to lie down again. Hopefully I can sleep.

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