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As with most things, I could not have done this game or wiki without help. Here is a list of thanks, praise and credit.

First thank you to my players. Before the game even started I had already received backgrounds, journals and help with wiki. As usual you guys are great!


All photos on this site were obtain through google searches. If you own one of these pictures and wish it to be taken down, please send me an private message and I will take it down Immediately.

Disney Cruise Line photos were obtained from the Official Disney Cruise Line Website and are owned by the Disney Corporation.

Wiki Coding:

Thank you ChainsawXIV for your excellent A Totally Unofficial help & Tips FAQ Forum post. This has helped me out greatly.

Thank you Wolfhound for your Free CSS Template. Also for you CSS pages This had taught me a lot about how to do CSS on Obsidian Portal.

Also thank you to Arsheesh, Duskreign, Killervp, Stephenwollett, gaaran for your excellent advice on the forums. I have learned a lot by reading your posts and checking out your excellent campaign wikis.

Thank you to all the other members of obsidian portal for their help either through the forums or PMs. This is a great community.

Story Ideas:

I have to thank Daring Entertainment for their excellent War of the Dead adventures. While I decided early on to not use the adventures, I did decide to “steal” ideas for this campaign. Particularly the idea of starting the characters off on a cruise ship came from War of the dead.

Kill Counter:

The Idea for the Kill counter came from the Carnage Counter on the DVD special features from original 1984 version of Red Dawn. It was also inspired by the Walking Dead Kill Count. I used a few of the graphics from Walking Dead Kill Count for my own counter.

So basically thanks to everyone for helping with this wiki and the game.

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